Drug Seller from Letterkenny Admits Guilt in Court

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 28 January, 2024
Letterkenny drug dealer pleads guilty in court

In a significant development, a Letterkenny drug dealer pleads guilty in court to charges of cocaine and cannabis dealing. Daniel Maymay, 31, faced the Letterkenny Circuit Court this week, admitting to his involvement in the illegal drug trade.

Key takeaways

  • Daniel Maymay pleaded guilty to dealing cocaine and cannabis.
  • The charges stem from a 2019 incident in Letterkenny.
  • Maymay is currently serving a prison sentence for another matter.
  • An updated probation report has been requested by the defense.
  • The case has been adjourned to the next court session.
Daniel Maymay of Letterkenny has admitted to the possession and intent to distribute cocaine and cannabis, with his case now pending further court proceedings.

Letterkenny Community Awaits Justice in Drug Case

Letterkenny Circuit Court witnessed a moment of accountability as the Letterkenny drug dealer pleads guilty in court. The 31-year-old, already incarcerated for a separate offense, acknowledged his role in the narcotics supply chain. The guilty plea marks a closure of sorts for the community, long awaiting justice since the 2019 drug bust at Thornberry, Kilmacrennan Road.

Personal Tragedy and Legal Proceedings Intertwine

Amidst legal battles, Maymay’s personal life has been marked by tragedy with the loss of his infant child. His defense counsel highlighted this before Judge John Aylmer, who has ordered an updated probation report. This report will consider Maymay’s suitability for community service, suggesting the court’s interest in a sentence that could benefit the community.

Date of Incident Location Substances Involved Defendant’s Age Status of the Case
January 29, 2019 Thornberry, Letterkenny Cocaine and Cannabis 31 Adjourned for Probation Report

The Letterkenny drug dealer pleads guilty in court, bringing a complex case one step closer to resolution. With an updated probation report in the works, the court will soon decide on a suitable sentence for Daniel Maymay, considering his past actions and personal circumstances. The community now looks to the next session of the Letterkenny Circuit Court for final judgment.


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