Student Admits Driving Under Influence During Practice Session

Mona Mohammed
Published 4 weeks ago on 5 February, 2024
Learner driver pleads guilty to drug driving while practicing for test

A learner driver pleads guilty to drug driving while practicing for test, facing the consequences of his actions in court. Sohayb Essefiani, a 19-year-old resident of Deer Park, Adare, was apprehended by gardai on St Patrick’s Day. During a routine checkpoint, Essefiani was found to be under the influence of cannabis and without valid insurance coverage while preparing for his upcoming driving exam.

Key takeaways

  • Sohayb Essefiani pleads guilty to drug driving and uninsured driving.
  • Essefiani was practicing for his driving test when stopped by gardai.
  • The blood test confirmed the presence of cannabis.
  • He was later added to his mother’s insurance and passed his driving test.
  • Judge fines Essefiani and imposes a one-year driving ban for drug driving.
A young man practicing for his driving test on St Patrick’s Day was fined and banned from driving for one year after pleading guilty to drug driving and operating a vehicle without insurance.

learner driver pleads guilty

Upon being stopped, Essefiani was unable to provide proof of insurance, believing he was covered under his mother’s policy. It was later revealed that he was not insured at the time of the incident. However, four days after the event, he was added as a named driver to the policy. His solicitor emphasized that Essefiani has since passed his driving test and obtained his license, indicating his commitment to responsible driving.

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Learner Driver Faces Drug Driving Charges

The court heard that Essefiani admitted to the presence of cannabis in his system, though he claimed he was not actively using the substance while driving. His solicitor requested that the judge consider not disqualifying his client for the no insurance charge. Ultimately, Judge Carol Anne Coolican fined Essefiani €150 for the lack of insurance and €500 for drug driving, also disqualifying him from driving for one year on the latter charge.

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Offence Fine Additional Penalty
Drug Driving €500 1-year driving ban
No Insurance €150 No additional ban

A learner driver pleads guilty to drug driving while practicing for test, resulting in fines and a driving ban. The case serves as a reminder of the legal responsibilities associated with driving and the importance of adhering to road safety regulations, especially for those preparing to become licensed drivers. Essefiani’s experience underscores the necessity of ensuring proper insurance coverage and the severe implications of driving under the influence of controlled substances.


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