LAUSD Schools Will Stay Open on Stormy Monday – NBC LA

Salim Ali
Published 2 weeks ago on 5 February, 2024
LAUSD schools to remain open Monday during storm – NBC Los Angeles

In response to the impending storm in Southern California, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has announced that LAUSD schools will remain open Monday during the storm, as stated by Superintendent Alberto Carvalho. This decision prioritizes the needs of students who rely on school-provided nutrition. However, the district is prepared to reassess should weather conditions drastically change.

Key takeaways

  • LAUSD schools to remain open Monday during storm – NBC Los Angeles.
  • Superintendent Carvalho cites student nutrition as a key reason for staying open.
  • Plans may change with the evolving weather situation.
  • Vinedale College Preparatory Academy to close due to an evacuation warning.
  • LA County faces a high risk of flooding and flash flood warnings are in place.
Despite a powerful storm system, LAUSD schools will stay open on Monday to ensure students receive necessary meals, with the exception of Vinedale College Preparatory Academy.

Storm Preparedness and Student Safety

The LAUSD has taken a proactive stance in ensuring student safety while acknowledging the essential services schools provide. Superintendent Carvalho emphasized readiness to adapt to any significant changes in the weather, assuring that the safety of students and staff remains a top priority. The district will continue to monitor the situation closely, prepared to make swift decisions if needed.

Impact on Schools and Community Resources

While most schools in the LAUSD will operate as usual, Vinedale College Preparatory Academy is an exception due to its location in an evacuation warning area, with its community being redirected to Glenwood Elementary. The district is also ensuring that parents are kept informed with updates on the situation as it develops, maintaining open lines of communication.

Resource Details
School Closures Vinedale College Preparatory Academy closed; students relocated to Glenwood Elementary
Updates Next update for parents expected at 6 a.m. Monday
Weather Alerts Flash flood warnings issued for LA County
Nutrition Services Schools remain a critical source of meals for students

As Southern California braces for a powerful storm, the LAUSD has announced that schools will remain open on Monday to provide crucial services, including meals to students. The district is committed to ensuring the well-being of its students, with contingency plans in place should the storm intensify. Parents and guardians are advised to stay alert to updates as the LAUSD navigates through these challenging weather conditions.


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