Kiwi Dodges Deportation for $200K Theft and Killing Dog Gucci

Shireen Deeb
Published 3 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Kiwi teen avoids deportation

In a remarkable turn of events, a Kiwi teen avoids deportation, narrowly escaping the consequences of a highly-publicized case in Australia. The young man was embroiled in a case where another Kiwi narrowly avoided Australian exile after a $200k burglary that allegedly involved the killing of pet dog Gucci. The incident, which took place in 2021, has been a subject of intense legal scrutiny and public interest.

Key takeaways

  • Mikaele Maka, a Kiwi teen, involved in a $200k Sydney home burglary.
  • Allegations include the killing of the family pet, a Pomeranian named Gucci.
  • Maka faced deportation but won an appeal to stay in Australia.
  • The Administrative Appeals Tribunal of Australia overturned the Minister’s decision.
  • Maka’s strong community ties and family considerations influenced the ruling.
Mikaele Maka, a New Zealand national, has successfully appealed against his deportation from Australia following his involvement in a burglary where a dog was allegedly killed, highlighting the complexities of immigration law and rehabilitation.

Kiwi teen avoids deportation: Mikairi Maka’s legal battle

After being convicted for his role in the burglary and the subsequent death of Gucci, Maka’s case caught the public’s attention. The Kiwi avoids Australian exile after a $200k burglary that allegedly involved killing of pet dog Gucci, which has sparked discussions on the severity of his actions versus the potential for his rehabilitation. His legal team argued that his strong ties to the Australian community and the importance of family connections played a crucial role in the tribunal’s decision to allow him to remain in the country.

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The Impact of the Tribunal’s Decision on Maka

The tribunal’s ruling to revoke the visa cancellation has given Maka a second chance at life in Australia. The decision considered several factors, including Maka’s remorse and prospects for rehabilitation. Despite the gravity of the crime, the tribunal found that the Kiwi avoids Australian exile after a $200k burglary that allegedly involved killing of pet dog Gucci, due to the significant ties to his community and the welfare of his younger siblings.

Event Outcome
Burglary and Pet’s Death $200k theft, pet dog killed
Legal Consequences 4-year jail sentence, visa cancellation
Appeal Decision Visa cancellation revoked
Factors for Decision Community ties, family, rehabilitation

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Marking a significant conclusion to a highly-followed case, Kiwi teen avoids deportation after a complex $200k burglary in Australia, which allegedly involved the unfortunate death of a pet dog named Gucci. This decision underscores the importance of considering individual circumstances like community ties and family responsibilities in legal judgments. Maka’s case serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance between justice and mercy within the legal system.


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