King Charles Meets Prince Harry; Interest Rates Stable; NAB CEO Retires

Salim Ali
Published 2 weeks ago on 7 February, 2024
King Charles, Prince Harry reunite after cancer diagnosis; RBA holds interest rates; NAB’s Ross McEwan to retire

In a series of notable events, King Charles and Prince Harry have reunited after a cancer diagnosis, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has decided to hold interest rates steady, and National Australia Bank’s (NAB) CEO Ross McEwan has announced his retirement. Amidst these developments, passengers from the Ruby Princess cruise ship face a potential legal financial burden after declining a $15 million settlement over a COVID outbreak.

Key takeaways

  • Carnival found negligent in Federal Court over Ruby Princess outbreak.
  • Passengers rejected a $15 million settlement offer before the trial.
  • Justice Stewart ordered Carnival to pay costs up to the settlement offer date.
  • Final compensation and cost responsibility yet to be determined.
  • Next court session scheduled for April 12.
Passengers involved in the Ruby Princess COVID outbreak face legal cost uncertainties after turning down a $15 million settlement, with a court decision on total compensation still pending.

Passengers’ Legal Struggle After Ruby Princess Outbreak

In October 2023, the Federal Court ruled that Carnival, the operator of the Ruby Princess, had breached its duty of care. This came after the ship, which sailed from Sydney in March 2020, returned with 663 COVID cases and was linked to 28 deaths. The passengers’ decision to reject the initial $15 million settlement in favor of a $69 million counter-offer led to a trial and ongoing legal proceedings.

Settlement Offer Rejection May Lead to High Costs

Justice Stewart’s recent order for Carnival to cover legal costs only up to the date of the rejected settlement offer leaves passengers at risk of bearing subsequent legal expenses. This is especially concerning as the final compensation amount remains undetermined, and the court has yet to decide on post-settlement offer costs. The passengers’ future financial burden hinges on the outcomes of the upcoming court sessions.

Date Event
March 2020 Ruby Princess cruise returns with COVID cases
October 2022 Passengers reject $15 million settlement offer
October 2023 Federal Court finds Carnival negligent
April 12, 2023 Next court session scheduled

As King Charles and Prince Harry reunite following a health scare, and Australia’s financial landscape sees significant shifts, the passengers of the Ruby Princess cruise ship await the final court decision regarding their compensation for the COVID outbreak. The outcome will not only affect the passengers financially but will also set a precedent for how cruise lines handle future public health crises.


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