Woman Fatally Stabbed Following Her Post on Instagram

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 29 January, 2024
Killer stabbed woman to death after Instagram post

In a chilling case of unrequited infatuation turning deadly, a killer stabbed woman to death after an Instagram post. Celeste Manno, a young Melbourne resident, became the victim of a brutal attack by Luay Sako, a former colleague at a Serco call centre. This horrifying incident unfolded mere hours after Manno shared a picture of her new boyfriend on social media.

Key takeaways

  • Celeste Manno was murdered by former co-worker Luay Sako.
  • Sako developed an obsession with Manno after she was kind to him post-firing.
  • Despite an intervention order, Sako continued to harass Manno online.
  • The fatal attack occurred shortly after Manno posted on Instagram.
  • Sako pleaded guilty but disputed the number of stab wounds inflicted.
Celeste Manno was tragically killed in her own home by Luay Sako, a man whose obsession with her led to a relentless and ultimately deadly pursuit, culminating in a brutal attack.

Obsession Leads to Tragic Home Invasion

After losing his job, Sako’s fixation on Manno intensified, leading him to create multiple social media accounts to contact her. Despite Manno’s attempts to block him, Sako persisted with over 140 messages, many of which were vulgar. The killer stabbed woman to death after Instagram post, breaking into her home in a premeditated act of violence that shook the community.

Guilty Plea Amidst Family’s Grief

As Sako faced the Victorian Supreme Court, he admitted to the murder but contested the extent of his actions. The court heard forensic evidence contradicting his claims. Manno’s family, present during the proceedings, prepared to share the devastating impact of their loss. The killer stabbed woman to death after Instagram post, leaving a family to mourn and a community to question the adequacy of intervention orders.

Event Details
Victim Celeste Manno, 23
Perpetrator Luay Sako, 39
Location Mernda, Melbourne’s north-east
Incident Date November 16, 2020
Guilty Plea Sako admitted to murder in court

Killer stabbed woman to death after Instagram post, a statement that encapsulates the tragic end of Celeste Manno’s life. The case highlights the dangers of online harassment and the potential for digital obsession to manifest in real-world violence. As the community reels from the shock, the legal system grapples with the aftermath, and a family seeks justice, the memory of Manno’s untimely death serves as a stark reminder of the need for effective protective measures against stalking and harassment.


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