Sligo Man, 34, Cleared of Assaulting Man Found in Street

Baraa Mohialdeen
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Sligo man assault trial Michael

In a recent court case that gripped the local community, a jury has cleared a 34-year-old Sligo man assault trial charges. Michael Corcoran stood trial at Sligo Circuit Court, facing allegations of causing serious harm. The decision came swiftly as the “Jury finds Sligo man (34) not guilty of assaulting man who was found lying in the street,” ending a tense three-day trial.

Key takeaways

  • Michael Corcoran was acquitted of assault causing serious harm.
  • The jury delivered a unanimous not guilty verdict.
  • Deliberations lasted only 46 minutes on Wednesday.
  • The trial concluded after three days of proceedings.
Michael Corcoran, a 34-year-old from Sligo man assault trial Michael, has been found not guilty of assault causing serious harm, with the jury returning a unanimous verdict after a brief deliberation period.

Unanimous Verdict Brings Relief to Defendant

Throughout the trial, the courtroom was filled with tension, as the prosecution presented its case against Corcoran. However, after the jury of six men and six women retired to deliberate, it took them less than an hour to reach a consensus. Their unanimous verdict of not guilty provided a dramatic conclusion to the proceedings. The “Jury finds Sligo man (34) not guilty of assaulting man who was found lying in the street” headline reflects the swift justice served by the jury.

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Details Sligo man assault trial Michael

The incident in question occurred on a street in Sligo man assault trial Michael, where a man was found injured and in distress. Corcoran was subsequently charged with assault causing serious harm. The trial, presided over by Judge Sinead Ní Chúlacháín, spanned three days and included various testimonies and evidence. In the end, the jury’s decision indicated that the prosecution’s case did not sufficiently prove Corcoran’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Date of Incident Date of Verdict Duration of Deliberation Judge Presiding
[Date of Incident] [Date of Verdict] 46 minutes Judge Sinead Ní Chúlacháín

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The case against Michael Corcoran has concluded with the Sligo man assault trial Michael being found not guilty of the assault charge. The jury’s decision came after a short period of deliberation, highlighting the importance of the justice system in determining innocence based on the evidence presented. The community and all parties involved will now move forward following the resolution of this case.


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