John Setka Plans to Step Down as Victorian CFMEU Leader

Baraa Mohialdeen
Published 3 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
John Setka retirement CFMEU

The construction industry is poised for a significant change as John Setka retirement CFMEU, the head of Victorian CFMEU, has announced his plan to retire by the end of the year. This decision marks the end of an era for Setka, who has been a prominent and sometimes contentious figure in the union for over a decade. With his retirement, the search for a new leader to take the helm of the Victorian branch of the CFMEU begins.

Key takeaways

  • John Setka to retire as head of Victorian CFMEU by year’s end.
  • John Setka retirement CFMEU retirement was confirmed to the public recently.
  • Assistant Secretary Derek Christopher is a potential successor.
  • Setka has been a pivotal figure in the union for over ten years.
John Setka, the long-standing boss of the Victorian CFMEU, will retire by the end of this year, paving the way for new leadership in the influential construction union.


John Setka retirement CFMEU End of Influential Era

John Setka’s tenure as head of the Victorian CFMEU has been marked by his strong leadership and assertive presence in the construction industry. His decision to retire brings to a close a significant chapter in the union’s history. Setka has been known for his passionate advocacy for workers’ rights and has played a key role in shaping the labor landscape in Victoria.

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A New Leader to Steer Victorian CFMEU Forward

While John Setka retirement CFMEU successor has not yet been officially named, the union community speculates that Assistant Secretary Derek Christopher could be the frontrunner for the position. The transition to new leadership is expected to be a critical period for the CFMEU as it continues to navigate the challenges facing the construction sector.

Year Event
Year of Retirement 2023
Years in Leadership Over a Decade
Potential Successor Derek Christopher

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John Setka retirement CFMEU, announcement to retire as head of Victorian CFMEU signifies a turning point for the union. His leadership has been instrumental in advocating for the rights of construction workers. As the union looks towards the future, it will seek to build upon the strong foundation Setka has established during his tenure. The CFMEU’s next chapter will be one of both continuity and new beginnings as it continues to champion the cause of its members under new leadership.


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