Police Search Canvastown for Missing Jessica Boyce

Shireen Deeb
Published 3 weeks ago on 9 February, 2024
Jessica Boyce disappearance investigation

In a significant development, the “Jessica Boyce disappearance investigation: Marlborough police execute search warrant in Canvastown” has marked a new phase in the ongoing investigation. The search warrant executed today is part of Operation Largo, a multi-year probe into the circumstances surrounding the vanishing of Jessica Boyce, a Marlborough woman who disappeared under mysterious conditions in 2019.

Key takeaways

  • Police executed a search warrant in Canvastown related to Jessica Boyce’s disappearance.
  • The search is part of Operation Largo, investigating since March 2019.
  • Jessica Boyce’s case was reclassified from a missing person to a homicide in October 2020.
  • Family members have urged police to offer a reward to help solve the case.
The recent search in Canvastown is a critical step by Marlborough police in unraveling the mystery of Jessica Boyce disappearance investigation, indicating relentless pursuit of closure and justice.

Jessica Boyce disappearance investigation: Pursuing justice

The search conducted by the police in Canvastown is a testament to their unwavering commitment to solving the “Jessica Boyce disappearance: Marlborough police execute search warrant in Canvastown.” Despite the passage of years, the authorities remain resolute in their efforts to uncover the truth behind Jessica’s fate and provide answers to her family.

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Family’s Plea for Answers Gains Momentum

Following the reclassification of the case to a homicide, the Boyce family has been vocal in their desire for progress. Their plea for a reward to be offered reflects the community’s growing impatience for a breakthrough in the “Jessica Boyce disappearance: Marlborough police execute search warrant in Canvastown.”

Date Event
March 19, 2019 Jessica Boyce last seen in Renwick, Marlborough.
March 22, 2019 Jessica’s vehicle found at Lake Chalice carpark.
October 2020 Case reclassified as a homicide.
Current Year Search warrant executed in Canvastown.

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The “Jessica Boyce disappearance: Marlborough police execute search warrant in Canvastown” continues to be a focal point of police efforts, with the latest search warrant execution signaling a potential turning point in the investigation. As the community of Marlborough watches on, there is collective hope that this new development will finally lead to much-needed answers and justice for Jessica Boyce and her loved ones.


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