James Shaw Steps Down as Green Party Co-Leader

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 30 January, 2024
James Shaw resigns from Green Party co-leadership

James Shaw resigns from Green Party co-leadership, marking the end of an era for the party. Shaw, who has led the Green Party for nearly nine years, announced his decision to step down, expressing pride in the party’s achievements during his tenure.

Key takeaways

  • James Shaw to resign from Green Party co-leadership next month.
  • Shaw served as Climate Change Minister for six years and co-leader for nearly nine.
  • The Greens achieved historical milestones under Shaw’s leadership.
  • A leadership contest will begin soon, with new rules in place.
James Shaw, co-leader of the Green Party, will resign from his leadership position next month, after a tenure marked by significant environmental legislative achievements.

James Shaw’s Leadership and Legacy

Under James Shaw’s co-leadership, the Green Party entered government for the first time, achieving unprecedented success. Shaw’s leadership saw the passage of the Zero Carbon Act, a landmark piece of legislation that positioned New Zealand as a leader in climate change policy. His tenure also witnessed the Green Party’s growth in electoral support, showcasing the party’s increasing influence in New Zealand politics.

James Shaw resigns from Green Party co-leadership with a record of accomplishments, including the party’s largest share of the vote and the expansion of its caucus. Shaw’s commitment to environmental and social issues has left a lasting impact on the party and the country, setting a high bar for future leadership.

Year Event
2015 James Shaw elected as Green Party co-leader
2017 Greens become a party of government with ministers
2019 Zero Carbon Act passed unanimously
2023 Shaw announces resignation from co-leadership

As James Shaw resigns from Green Party co-leadership, he leaves behind a strengthened party and a greener political landscape. Shaw’s future plans include focusing on his Member’s Bill before potentially departing from Parliament. The Green Party now looks to a new leadership era, building on the solid foundation laid by Shaw’s near-decade of service.


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