Men Harass Staff at Muslim Group’s ‘Brothers Day Out’ Event

Shireen Deeb
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Jamberoo staff harassment Incident

An incident involving allegations of staff harassment at Jamberoo Action Park during a private, men-only event held by an Islamic group (referred to as the “Jamberoo staff harassment Incident”) has drawn scrutiny. The park, popular among visitors in NSW, is investigating the reported conduct of some participants after claims of disrespectful behavior towards female staff members emerged.

Key takeaways

  • Incident of harassment at Jamberoo Action Park during a private Islamic event.
  • Female staff allegedly called derogatory names by some attendees.
  • Park management is investigating and addressing the issue confidentially.
  • Operational requirements for private events may differ from regular park policies.
Jamberoo Action Park is addressing an incident where female staff were disrespected during a private event organized by a Muslim group, ensuring such behavior is not tolerated.

Investigation Launched After Disrespectful Incident

The management at Jamberoo Action Park has taken swift action following reports that Jamberoo staff harassed by men at Muslim group’s ‘Brothers Day Out’ event. A spokesperson for the park emphasized that while the majority of the attendees behaved appropriately, a small number were not respectful. Management is encouraging staff to come forward with their experiences to ensure proper follow-up.

Respect for staff is a cornerstone of the park’s values, and any deviation from this standard is taken seriously. The incident has prompted a review of policies regarding private events and staff treatment to prevent future occurrences of such disrespectful behavior.

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Jamberoo staff harassment Incident: Staff Dress Code Concerns

Questions have arisen about the dress code for staff during the ‘Brothers Day Out’ event. It was reported that the group requested female staff to wear long sleeves and tights under their uniforms, which some staff complied with. The park has clarified that private events may have specific operational needs, but the well-being of staff remains a priority.

The park’s spokesperson stated that while they accommodate certain requirements for private events, they are committed to ensuring that staff feel comfortable and respected. The incident has highlighted the need for clear guidelines on staff attire and interactions during such events.

Date of Incident Event Group Involved Response
Monday Brothers Day Out Men-only Islamic group Investigation and staff support

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Jamberoo staff harassment Incident by men at Muslim group’s ‘Brothers Day Out’ event has prompted the park to review its policies and support systems for employees. Ensuring a safe and respectful environment for both staff and guests is of utmost importance to the park’s management. As the investigation continues, Jamberoo Action Park remains committed to upholding its high standards of conduct and hospitality.


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