Search at landfill for clues in Wellington woman’s death case.

Batol Ahmad
Published 2 weeks ago on 9 February, 2024
Investigation into Wellington woman's death prompts landfill search

The “Investigation into Wellington woman’s death prompts landfill search” as detectives intensify efforts to solve the case of Helen Gregory. The 79-year-old grandmother’s violent demise in Khandallah has led to a meticulous search of a Porirua landfill for crucial evidence.

Key takeaways

  • Helen Gregory, 79, was found dead in her home last month.
  • Police are searching a landfill for items related to the case.
  • Investigators are confident in piecing together the events of her death.
  • A person of interest is believed to have discarded items post the incident.
In the Wellington homicide case of Helen Gregory, police are searching a Porirua landfill for items that could provide significant leads in the investigation.

Landfill Becomes Focus in Wellington Homicide

As the “Investigation into Wellington woman’s death prompts landfill search,” police have zeroed in on a specific section of the Porirua landfill. The search is a testament to the lengths investigators are willing to go to solve Gregory’s murder. Detective Senior Sergeant Tim Leitch expressed confidence in the progress of the case, highlighting the substantial evidence already gathered.

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Community Mourns as Police Seek Evidence

In the wake of the tragedy, the community remembers Helen Gregory as a cherished family member. The “Investigation into Wellington woman’s death prompts landfill search” not only seeks justice for Gregory but also aims to provide closure for her loved ones. The police’s commitment to the case reassures the public of their dedication to uncovering the truth.

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Date of Death Location Found Investigation Status
January 24 Khandallah, Wellington Ongoing, with landfill search

The “Investigation into Wellington woman’s death prompts landfill search” continues as the police work tirelessly to uncover evidence. The community hopes for a resolution to the tragic death of Helen Gregory, whose life was cut short by a violent act. The dedication of the investigative team offers a glimmer of hope for justice.


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