Prominent Limerick Businesswoman Mulls Run for Elected Mayor Position

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 1 February, 2024
High-profile Limerick businesswoman considering Directly Elected Mayor bid

The city of Limerick may soon witness a significant political development as a high-profile Limerick businesswoman, Helen O’Donnell, is considering a bid to become the first Directly Elected Mayor of Limerick City and County. This comes after a plebiscite five years ago that approved the creation of the position, which is now coming to fruition with an election expected in early June.

Key takeaways

  • Helen O’Donnell may run for the position of Limerick’s first Directly Elected Mayor.
  • The election follows a plebiscite passed five years ago to create the executive mayor role.
  • O’Donnell has a 30-year business history in Limerick and is involved in various community initiatives.
High-profile Limerick businesswoman Helen O’Donnell is contemplating a transformative career move by potentially entering the political arena as the city’s first Directly Elected Mayor.

Helen O’Donnell’s Potential Political Aspirations

As the legislation for the Directly Elected Mayor role makes its way through the Oireachtas, spearheaded by local TD and Minister of State Kieran O’Donnell, Helen O’Donnell’s consideration of the position has stirred interest in the community. With her extensive background in business and community service, her candidacy could bring a wealth of experience to the mayoral office. However, she emphasizes the need to fully understand the responsibilities of the role before making a final decision.

Impact of a Directly Elected Mayor on Limerick

The introduction of a Directly Elected Mayor in Limerick represents a significant change in governance for the city. The role promises to provide a more localized executive power, with the potential to directly impact the city’s development and community projects. Helen O’Donnell’s bid could set a precedent for the type of leadership and vision that will guide Limerick into the future, should she choose to run.

Fact Details
Position Directly Elected Mayor of Limerick
Election Date Early June (Expected)
Term Length Five Years
Candidate Helen O’Donnell (Considering)
Background 30 Years in Business, Community Activist

As Limerick approaches a historic moment with the election of its first Directly Elected Mayor, the high-profile Limerick businesswoman Helen O’Donnell’s consideration of a bid adds an intriguing dynamic to the race. Her decision, which is still pending, will be closely watched by the community, as it could significantly influence the city’s trajectory and governance. With her deep roots in Limerick’s business and civic life, O’Donnell represents a potential bridge between the city’s economic and social spheres.


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