Manitoba and NW Ontario brace for 10-20 cm of heavy snowfall.

Salim Ali
Published 2 weeks ago on 7 February, 2024
Heavy snow targets parts of Manitoba, NW Ont., with 10-20 cm on the line

As winter continues to grip Canada, a significant weather event is on the horizon. Heavy snow targets parts of Manitoba, NW Ont., with 10-20 cm on the line, marking a potential shift in the season’s snowfall patterns. Communities along the border are bracing for the impact, with snowfall expected to commence Wednesday afternoon and intensify into the night.

Key takeaways

  • Snowfall begins Wednesday afternoon along the border areas.
  • Temperatures near freezing could initially bring rain, turning to snow later.
  • Most intense accumulations are anticipated Wednesday evening through Thursday.
  • Potential for significant one-day snowfall totals in certain regions.
  • Brandon, Manitoba, and Kenora, Ontario, have seen minimal snow this season.
Expect a notable shift in weather patterns as heavy snow targets parts of Manitoba and NW Ontario, with some areas potentially experiencing the largest single-day snowfalls of the season.

Communities Prepare for Impending Snowfall

Residents in southeastern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario are preparing for a sharp change in weather. As temperatures linger around the freezing point, initial rain will give way to snow. This transition, occurring from west to east, is predicted to bring significant snowfall to the regions, with the heaviest accumulations expected overnight into Thursday.

Anticipated Snowfall May Break Season Records

The forecasted snow system may not be the largest of the season, but it holds the potential to set new records for daily snowfall. Areas hit the hardest could see between 10-20 cm of snow, challenging previous totals and bringing a winter wonderland to regions that have experienced a relatively snow-free season thus far.

Location Last >5 cm Snowfall Last Significant Snowfall
Brandon, Manitoba January 10 (7.2 cm) December 8 (<10 cm)
Kenora, Ontario January 11 (8 cm) October 27, 2023 (16.4 cm)

Heavy snow targets parts of Manitoba, NW Ont., with 10-20 cm on the line, presenting a notable event for the season. With the snowfall set to begin Wednesday afternoon and continue into Friday, residents should prepare for potential disruptions. While the system is not considered major, it could deliver some of the heaviest snowfall of the year, particularly for areas that have seen little snow this season. As the snow moves east, the anticipation of a winter transformation is palpable across the affected communities.


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