7-Year-Old Girl Breaks Nose on Funderland Ride, Court Told

Salim Ali
Published 2 weeks ago on 7 February, 2024
Girl (7) broke her nose after being lifted from seat on ride at Funderland, court hears

In a distressing incident at Funderland, a seven-year-old girl sustained a broken nose after being lifted from her seat on a ride, a court has been informed. The young girl, Evie Healy, was involved in an accident on the Jungle River Ride during the Christmas/New Year show in 2020, which led to a legal case against the ride operators.

Key takeaways

  • Evie Healy, 7, suffered a broken nose on a Funderland ride.
  • No safety harness was used, leading to the injury.
  • A settlement offer of €12,500 plus costs was accepted by the court.
  • The defendant, William Bird Rollercoaster Limited, admitted full liability.
In January 2020, Evie Healy broke her nose after being thrown from her seat on a ride at Funderland when the ride dropped suddenly. The court heard the case and approved a settlement offer.

Settlement Reached in Funderland Accident Case

During the hearing, Barrister Matthew Jolley explained that Evie, who was not secured by a harness, was propelled from her seat and collided with another passenger. The subsequent day, a hospital visit confirmed the severity of her injuries. The legal team representing Evie pursued damages, resulting in a settlement offer from the defendant, which the court has now approved.

Court Approves Fair Compensation for Young Victim

After an initial offer was rejected by Judge John O’Connor, a revised settlement of €12,500 was deemed fair by Judge James O’Donoghue, who presided over the case. The acceptance of this offer concludes the legal proceedings, providing compensation for the injuries sustained by Evie during the unfortunate accident at Funderland.

Date of Incident Location Injury Settlement Amount
3 January 2020 Funderland, RDS Broken Nose €12,500

Girl (7) broke her nose after being lifted from seat on ride at Funderland, court hears, marking a significant event that led to legal action and a substantial settlement. The case highlights the importance of safety measures on amusement rides and the legal responsibilities of operators to ensure the well-being of their patrons, particularly children. With the court’s approval of the settlement, Evie Healy’s case brings attention to the need for stringent safety protocols in such entertainment venues.


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