Police Search for Author of Note Left on Car After Accident

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 30 January, 2024
Gardai seek writer of note left on car in Carndonagh after crash - Highland Radio

In a recent incident, the Gardai seek the writer of a note left on a car in Carndonagh after a crash, as reported by Highland Radio. The authorities are calling for witnesses or the anonymous author to come forward to assist with the ongoing investigation.

Key takeaways

  • Gardai are investigating a car crash in Carndonagh.
  • A note was left on the damaged vehicle by an unknown person.
  • The Gardai are seeking the author of the note for information.
  • Witnesses to the incident are urged to contact the authorities.
The Gardai are actively looking for the individual who left a note on a car involved in a Carndonagh crash, hoping to shed light on the circumstances of the incident.

Investigation Underway for Carndonagh Crash

The small town of Carndonagh has been the focus of a Gardai inquiry following a collision that led to significant damage to a local’s car. In an unusual twist, a handwritten note was discovered at the scene, prompting a search for its author. The note is believed to contain crucial information that could help clarify the events leading up to the crash.

Call for Witnesses and Note Author

In their quest to piece together the incident, the Gardai are appealing to the community. They urge the anonymous note writer to step forward and provide further details. The Gardai assure that the individual’s cooperation is vital and will be treated with confidentiality and respect.

Date of Incident Location Call to Action
Recent Carndonagh Seeking note writer and witnesses

The Gardai seek the writer of a note left on a car in Carndonagh after a crash, hoping to gain more information on the event. They encourage anyone with knowledge of the incident or the note to contact them, ensuring that any assistance provided will be invaluable to their investigation.


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