French Climber Faces Charges for Scaling Melbourne Skyscraper Unaided

Salim Ali
Published 2 weeks ago on 6 February, 2024
French national to be charged after scaling Melbourne CBD high-rise without harness

A French national is set to face charges after performing a daring stunt by scaling a high-rise building in Melbourne’s central business district without a harness. The incident, which caught the attention of onlookers and authorities, raises significant safety concerns. The individual, known for similar feats in Paris and abroad, is now awaiting sentencing.

Key takeaways

  • French national to be charged after scaling Melbourne CBD high-rise without harness.
  • The climber, Andolfo, is an experienced climber with a history of similar stunts.
  • Andolfo had a flight to Panama and $2000 for a potential fine to avoid jail time.
  • Police and a magistrate expressed concerns over public safety and risks involved.
  • Friend claims the climb was for personal accomplishment, not attention.
The French climber facing charges after scaling a Melbourne CBD high-rise without safety gear is known for previous stunts and had financial plans to avoid jail time.

Public Safety Concerns Prompt Legal Action

The police prosecutor emphasized the gravity of the situation, arguing that the climber, Andolfo, not only endangered his own life but also posed a threat to the public. The potential for falling debris or the climber himself could have resulted in serious injuries to bystanders. As a result, Andolfo was remanded in custody and is awaiting his sentence.

Meanwhile, the magistrate considered the actions of Frohlinger, who accompanied Andolfo but was deemed to have posed less of a risk. It is anticipated that Frohlinger will face a fine. The court’s decision aims to underscore the serious nature of such reckless behavior in public spaces.

Community Reacts to High-Rise Climbing Stunt

Witnesses and local media quickly took notice of the climber, who was dubbed “Melbourne’s Spider-Man” by a tradesman at the scene. An Instagram account linked to the climber shared footage of the ascent, sparking further public interest. Despite claims of personal achievement, the stunt has been met with criticism from the climbing community.

Experts like Aaron Lowndes, a Victorian climbing instructor, condemned the act of free-climbing without safety equipment in urban areas. He highlighted the potential emotional toll on the climber’s family and the climbing community, stressing that such public spectacles are not representative of the sport’s values.

Climber’s Name Andolfo
Planned Flight Destination Panama
Amount Raised for Potential Fine $2000
Legal Outcome Awaiting Sentencing
Public Safety Risk High
Community Reaction Mixed, with some criticism from experts

The French national to be charged after scaling a Melbourne CBD high-rise without a harness has sparked a conversation about safety, legality, and the ethics of such stunts. As the legal process unfolds, the climbing community and the public alike await the court’s final decision. The incident serves as a reminder of the risks associated with unauthorized climbing and the importance of public safety.


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