Risk of Cancellation for Complimentary Yoga Session

Salim Ali
Published 2 weeks ago on 6 February, 2024
free yoga class under threat

A free yoga class under threat of a hefty fee has stirred concern among Melbourne’s St Kilda community. The Feel Good Flows program, known for boosting mental health and well-being, faces a potential $400 charge per session due to its rising popularity. The City of Port Phillip’s new fee initiative could force the program to limit its size or face financial strain, jeopardizing its future.

Key takeaways

  • Feel Good Flows yoga sessions may incur a $400 fee per class.
  • The program’s success has led to it being classified as a commercial event.
  • Limiting class size or paying the fee could exclude vulnerable participants.
  • Yoga instructor Eliza Hilmer seeks council sponsorship to continue free classes.
The free yoga class under threat in Melbourne’s St Kilda could be subject to a $400 fee due to its classification as a commercial event, potentially excluding those in need.

Community Yoga Program Faces Financial Hurdle

The Feel Good Flows, a free yoga class under threat, has become a staple for many in St Kilda, Melbourne. Eliza Hilmer, the program’s founder, started the sessions during the lockdown to promote outdoor activity and mental health. Now, the program’s success has caught the attention of local authorities, who may reclassify it as a commercial event, attracting significant fees.

Financial Strain Threatens Access to Yoga

With the free yoga class under threat of a new fee, the program’s inclusivity is at risk. The sessions, which have been running for four years, now attract 50-80 participants. If the fee is imposed, Hilmer would need to either limit the class size drastically or face a substantial financial burden, which could lead to the program’s cancellation.

Program Name Location Participants Fee Impact
Feel Good Flows St Kilda Beach, Melbourne 50-80 per session $400 per session or class size limit

The free yoga class under threat in St Kilda, Melbourne, has highlighted the challenges of maintaining community-led health initiatives. As the program grapples with potential fees that could limit its reach, the community awaits a resolution that preserves the accessibility and spirit of the Feel Good Flows sessions. The hope is for a compromise that allows the continuation of these vital mental health supports without financial barriers.


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