Multi-Vehicle Crash on Expressway, Trucks Included, Injuries Reported

Kamar Mahmoud
Published 2 weeks ago on 9 February, 2024
Multi-Vehicle Crash on Expressway

Multi-Vehicle Crash on ExpresswayMulti-Vehicle Crash on Expressway: A serious incident occurred this morning as a four-vehicle pile-up on Hawke’s Bay Expressway led to significant disruptions and injuries. The collision, involving two trucks, a ute, and a car, resulted in at least one person sustaining serious injuries. The accident took place near the Kennedy Rd on ramp and Meeanee Rd off ramps, causing both directions of the expressway to be closed.

Key takeaways

  • Four-vehicle pile-up on Hawke’s Bay Expressway, two trucks involved, people injured.
  • Southbound lane near Kennedy Rd on ramp and Meeanee Rd off ramps blocked and closed.
  • Northbound and southbound lanes closed from Taradale Rd roundabout to Meeanee Rd off ramp.
  • Police state the southbound lane will remain closed for an extended period.
  • Low visibility and rain were factors at the time of the crash.
The Hawke’s Bay Expressway crash involved a multi-vehicle collision resulting in serious injuries and significant road closures during early morning traffic.

Impact on Traffic and Emergency Response

The four-vehicle pile-up on Hawke’s Bay Expressway has caused a major interruption to the morning commute. Emergency services are on site, and efforts are underway to clear the wreckage and provide medical assistance to the injured. Motorists are advised to seek alternative routes as the clean-up and investigation continue.

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Adverse Weather Conditions Contribute to Accidents: Multi-Vehicle Crash on Expressway

At the time of the four-vehicle pile-up on Hawke’s Bay Expressway, weather conditions were poor, with rain and reduced visibility likely contributing to the incident. Authorities remind drivers to exercise caution during adverse weather conditions and adjust their driving accordingly.

Location Incident Time Status
Hawke’s Bay Expressway Four-vehicle pile-up 7:50 AM Lane closed
Near Kennedy Rd on-ramp Emergency response 8:15 AM Investigation ongoing
Meeanee Rd off-ramps Visibility is low, and rain Current Drive with caution

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The four-vehicle pile-up on Hawke’s Bay Expressway this morning has substantially impacted traffic flow and safety. With the southbound lane closure expected to last for some time, drivers are encouraged to plan their routes accordingly. The community hopes for a swift recovery for those injured and a thorough investigation into the cause of the crash.


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