High Tide Alerts for Cork Due to Powerful Supermoon

Samar Esbr
Published 2 weeks ago on 9 February, 2024
Flood warnings issued for Cork as strong supermoon tides expected

Cork supermoon flood warnings as strong supermoon tides expected to bring “very high astronomical spring tides” this weekend. Residents are bracing for potential flooding from Friday through Monday, with the highest tides forecasted for the year. Cork County Council has activated emergency protocols in anticipation of the event.

Key takeaways

  • High Tide advisory in place from Friday morning to Monday evening.
  • Supermoon spring tides could cause one of the highest coastal levels in 2024.
  • Property owners in coastal areas advised to take precautions.
  • Minor localised flooding expected along certain quays in Cork City.
  • Cork City Council’s Flood Assessment Team is monitoring the situation.
Cork is on high alert as strong supermoon tides are expected to cause significant coastal flooding this weekend, with residents and property owners urged to take immediate protective measures.

Residents Urged to Prepare as Flood Warnings Issued

With the flood warnings issued for Cork as strong supermoon tides expected, the community is on edge. The Cork County Council has advised residents and businesses in vulnerable coastal areas to take necessary precautions to safeguard their properties. High tide is anticipated at 5pm on Friday, marking the beginning of a tense period for the region.

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Cork City Council Activates Emergency Protocols

As the flood warnings issued for Cork as strong supermoon tides expected loom over the area, Cork City Council has not taken the threat lightly. Pumping arrangements have been deployed, and the (Flood) Assessment Team is keeping a vigilant eye on the rising waters. Updates will be provided regularly to keep the community informed.

Cork supermoon flood warnings, Places and peaks:

Event Date and Time
High Tide Advisory Begins Friday Morning
Expected High Tide Peak 5pm Friday
Advisory Ends Monday Evening

Flood warnings issued for Cork as strong supermoon tides expected to cause disruptions throughout the weekend. Authorities are taking all necessary steps to mitigate the impact, and the public is advised to stay informed and prepared. The situation underscores the importance of readiness in the face of natural events.

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