Power Outage in Steveston Due to Fire Incident

Mona Mohammed
Published 1 month ago on 27 January, 2024
Fire causes power outage in Steveston

Fire causes power outage in Steveston; Residents of Steveston were plunged into darkness as a significant fire at a local grocery store led to widespread power disruptions. The incident, which began at 5 p.m. on January 26, has left over 500 households without electricity. The fire causes power outage in Steveston, impacting a large area and affecting many residents’ evening routines.

Key takeaways

  • Over 500 Steveston residents affected by power outage.
  • Fire at Steveston Super Grocer led to the disruption.
  • BC Hydro crews estimate power restoration by 10 p.m.
  • Area affected includes residents east of 1st Avenue and north of Westwater Drive.
The fire at Steveston Super Grocer is the main cause of the power outage affecting 533 households in the Steveston area since 5:30 p.m.

Fire causes power outage in Steveston

The blaze that engulfed the Steveston Super Grocer has had a ripple effect, extending beyond immediate property damage. Emergency services were quick to respond, but the fire causes power outage in Steveston, leaving many without the use of appliances, heating, or lights. The community has been advised to exercise caution and patience as crews work to restore power.

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Response and Restoration Efforts Underway

BC Hydro has dispatched crews to the affected area with the goal of restoring power by late evening. The utility company has been providing regular updates to residents and has deployed additional resources to expedite the process. The fire causes power outage in Steveston, but the coordinated response aims to minimize disruption and ensure safety for all involved.

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Event Details
Incident Start Time 5 p.m., Jan 26
Estimated Power Restoration 10 p.m., Jan 26
Area Affected East of 1st Ave, South of Garry St, West of Phoenix Dr, North of Westwater Dr
Number of Customers Affected 533

The fire causes power outage in Steveston, bringing an unexpected challenge to the community. With emergency crews and BC Hydro personnel working diligently, power is expected to be restored by 10 p.m. Residents are reminded to stay informed through updates and prepare for the return of electricity by ensuring all appliances are turned off to avoid power surge damages.


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