Barry Cowen of Fianna Fáil Runs for Europe in Midlands-North West

Mona Mohammed
Published 4 weeks ago on 6 February, 2024
Fianna Fáil's Barry Cowen named Midlands North West candidate for European elections

Fianna Fáil’s Barry Cowen has been named the candidate for the Midlands North West constituency in the upcoming European elections. The decision was made after a vote among party members in several locations, with Cowen emerging victorious over other hopefuls. This nomination places Cowen on the path to potentially represent his party at the European level.

Key takeaways

  • Barry Cowen selected as Fianna Fáil candidate for European elections.
  • Selection made through party member voting in four locations.
  • Possibility of Fianna Fáil adding a second candidate later on.
  • Midlands North West constituency gains an additional MEP seat.
  • A by-election would be triggered if Cowen is elected as MEP.
Fianna Fáil’s Barry Cowen is set to run in the European elections for the Midlands North West constituency, aiming to secure a seat and continue his family’s political legacy.

Fianna Fáil’s Barry Cowen has been named the candidate

Barry Cowen’s selection as the Fianna Fáil candidate for the European elections signifies a strategic move by the party. With Cowen’s political background and his family’s longstanding representation in the Laois-Offaly constituency, Fianna Fáil is positioning itself to reclaim influence in the European Parliament, where it currently holds no seats in this constituency.

Party insiders have hinted at the possibility of adding Lisa Chambers to the ticket, indicating a broader strategy to strengthen their European election campaign. Fianna Fáil’s approach reflects its intent to maximize political gains and representation in the European Parliament.

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The Implications of Cowen’s Potential Election

If elected, Barry Cowen’s ascension to MEP would mark the end of an era for the Cowen family in domestic politics, but the beginning of a new chapter on the European stage. His success would also necessitate a by-election, prompting a reshuffle within the national political landscape and opening opportunities for new political figures.

The constituency’s current representation includes a mix of Independent, Sinn Féin, and Fine Gael MEPs. With Mairead McGuinness’s departure from the European Parliament, the competition for seats has intensified, making Cowen’s candidacy all the more significant for Fianna Fáil.

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Candidate Party Constituency Current MEPs
Barry Cowen Fianna Fáil Midlands North West Luke Flanagan, Chris McManus, Maria Walsh, Colm Markey

Fianna Fáil’s Barry Cowen has been named the Midlands North West candidate for the European elections, marking a pivotal moment for both the party and the Cowen political dynasty. With the elections approaching, Cowen’s candidacy will be closely watched as Fianna Fáil seeks to expand its influence in the European Parliament and continue its historical presence in Irish politics.


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