Worry that Rent Hikes Will Leave Elderly Hungry

Shireen Deeb
Published 4 weeks ago on 9 February, 2024
Hastings council flat rent increase

Concerns are mounting in Hastings following the announcement of a substantial rent increase for council flats. The hike, dubbed the “Hastings council flat rent increase,” could reach 100%, leaving many senior residents worried about their ability to afford basic necessities like food, while managing other essential costs. This financial strain has raised fears that the rent increase will leave pensioners struggling to make ends meet.

Key takeaways

  • Hastings council flats’ rent increased by $80 to $140 per week.
  • Rent hikes are still 65% below market value, according to the council.
  • Ngāti Kahungunu is providing support to affected residents.
  • Some residents may qualify for Ministry of Social Development assistance.
Despite the rent hikes, Hastings District Council maintains that the increased costs are necessary to ensure the provision of safe and warm housing for seniors, which are still below market rates.

Impact of Rent Increases on Elderly Residents

The steep rent increases have left many elderly residents of Hastings council flats in a precarious position. With fixed incomes, the additional financial burden raises concerns that some may have to choose between paying rent and buying food. Ngāti Kahungunu has stepped in to offer assistance, but the stress on the community is palpable.

Hastings council flat rent increase

Gradual rent increases would have been more manageable, suggests Ngāti Kahungunu chairman Bayden Barber. The sudden spike has left many residents scrambling to adjust their budgets, with fears pensioners won’t be able to afford food after rent increases becoming a stark reality.

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Council’s Justification and Assistance Options

Hastings District Councillor Wendy Schollum emphasized the necessity of the rent hikes for maintaining quality housing. She pointed out that most residents could receive financial help from the Ministry of Social Development, potentially mitigating the impact of the rent increase.

For some residents, this assistance has significantly reduced the net increase in their rent. However, the fears pensioners won’t be able to afford food after rent increases remain a concern for those who may not be aware of or able to access the available support.

Item Details
Number of flats affected 220
Rent increase range $80 to $140 per week
Percentage below market value 65%
Support organization Ngāti Kahungunu
Assistance eligibility Ministry of Social Development

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Concerns over the “Hastings council flat rent increase” have sparked significant anxieties in Hastings, leaving many pensioners fearing they won’t be able to afford basic necessities like food. While the council maintains these increases are necessary to ensure quality housing, the broader community is feeling the strain. Efforts by Ngāti Kahungunu and potential government assistance provide some hope, but the situation shines a light on the vulnerability of fixed-income seniors menghadapi sudden financial changes.


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