Elderly Donegal Man Denies Intent to Explode Gas Pipes

Salim Ali
Published 2 weeks ago on 7 February, 2024
Donegal OAP who sabotaged gas cylinder pipes says “I wasn’t trying to blow the place up’

The Donegal OAP who sabotaged gas cylinder pipes has come forward with a statement, asserting, “I wasn’t trying to blow the place up.” The elderly man, identified as Charlie Lynagh, admitted to the act of sabotage but claimed it was a form of revenge against youths he believed had attacked his mobile home. Lynagh’s actions, which involved tampering with the gas supply at Mevagh Parish Hall, have sparked a mix of concern and controversy in the community.

Key takeaways

  • 73-year-old Charlie Lynagh pleaded guilty to endangering lives by tampering with gas pipes.
  • Lynagh claimed the sabotage was “revenge” for damage to his mobile home by local youths.
  • The act could have carried a risk of explosion, but Lynagh denies intending harm.
  • He awaits sentencing, with a maximum potential of seven years in prison.
Charlie Lynagh, a pensioner from Donegal, sabotaged gas pipes at a local community centre in retaliation for vandalism he attributed to youths. He insists his intention was not to cause an explosion but to seek retribution.

Donegal OAP’s Act of Vengeance Leads to Guilty Plea

The Donegal OAP who sabotaged gas cylinder pipes at Mevagh Parish Hall, Charlie Lynagh, faced the court last month, entering a guilty plea. Lynagh’s actions involved cutting holes in two high-pressure liquefied petroleum gas pipes and turning on the gas. While he acknowledged the sabotage, he maintains that he did not aim to create an explosion, but rather to disrupt the community centre’s activities as a form of reprisal.

Lynagh’s claim of innocence is based on the absence of actual harm, as he points out that the pipes were already in poor condition. He expressed frustration over the damage to his property and felt compelled to act against what he perceived as injustice. This incident has highlighted the broader issue of community tensions and the consequences of vigilante actions.

Community Shocked by Potential Danger of Sabotage

The community of Carrigart has been left in shock after the Donegal OAP who sabotaged gas cylinder pipes confessed to his actions. Lynagh’s tampering with the gas supply could have resulted in a catastrophic explosion, reminiscent of a recent tragedy in Creeslough that claimed ten lives. The community has been grappling with the implications of Lynagh’s actions and the potential disaster that was narrowly avoided.

Despite the serious nature of the offense, Lynagh downplayed the incident, claiming he was “just acting about.” His cavalier attitude towards the dangerous situation he created has not been well-received by the community or authorities. The case has raised important discussions about community safety and the appropriate channels for addressing grievances.

Date of Incident Location Accused Charge Potential Sentence
October 22, 2022 Mevagh Parish Hall, Carrigart, Co. Donegal Charlie Lynagh Endangering lives by tampering with gas supply Up to 7 years in prison

The Donegal OAP who sabotaged gas cylinder pipes, Charlie Lynagh, has been the subject of much discussion after his admission of guilt. While he has been clear about his intentions to seek revenge rather than cause an explosion, the gravity of his actions cannot be overlooked. As the community reflects on the near miss and Lynagh awaits sentencing, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of addressing conflicts through lawful and safe means.


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