Diageo Warns Against Blocking Key Guinness Dublin Port Route

Shireen Deeb
Published 3 weeks ago on 9 February, 2024
Diageo Guinness Dublin traffic plan

In a last-ditch effort to safeguard the “Diageo Guinness Dublin traffic plan,” the iconic brewery’s parent company, Diageo, has petitioned Dublin City Council to re-evaluate a proposed traffic ban that threatens to disrupt the “historic” transportation route of Guinness lorries to Dublin Port. While the new traffic plan aims to ease city center congestion, Diageo Guinness Dublin fears it could pose significant operational hurdles.

Key takeaways

  • Diageo opposes Dublin’s new traffic plan affecting Guinness lorries.
  • The plan could increase CO2 emissions and operational costs.
  • Diageo emphasizes the route’s economic and cultural importance.
  • Alternative routes could pose safety risks and inefficiencies.
  • The company seeks to retain its current access to Dublin Port.
Diageo Guinness Dublin Traffic Plan is for Diageo to urge Dublin City Council to maintain the traditional Guinness Road to Dublin Port, while highlighting the potential environmental and economic impacts of the proposed traffic ban.

Diageo Guinness Dublin traffic plan: Highlights potential impacts

The proposed traffic restrictions in Dublin’s city center have prompted Diageo to voice concerns over the future of Guinness logistics. “Do not block ‘historic’ Guinness route to Dublin Port with new traffic ban, says Diageo,” underscores the company’s stance on maintaining its established pathway for its fleet of lorries. Diageo argues that the new plan could lead to a significant increase in CO2 emissions, with an estimated additional 927 tonnes per year, and inflate operational costs by up to €2.2 million annually.

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Concerns Over Alternative Routes and Safety

Exploring alternative routes, Diageo has found that the detours would not only extend travel times but also raise safety concerns. The company’s analysis indicates that the proposed routes through residential areas lack adequate cycling infrastructure and could pose a serious risk to vulnerable road users. “Do not block ‘historic’ Guinness route to Dublin Port with new traffic ban, says Diageo,” reflects the company’s plea for the council to consider the implications of diverting heavy goods vehicles from their traditional quayside passage.

Current Route Alternative Routes Additional CO2 Emissions Increased Costs
7 km, 33 minutes 10-30 km, 52-67 minutes Up to 927 tonnes/year Up to €2.2 million/year

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Diageo has made a strong case to “Do not block ‘historic’ Guinness route to Dublin Port with new traffic ban,” emphasizing the significant logistical and financial repercussions that could arise from the proposed changes. The company’s plea highlights the importance of balancing urban traffic management with the needs of longstanding local businesses and their contribution to the city’s economy and cultural heritage.


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