Detective Apologizes for Assaulting Selfie-Taker in Café en Seine

Shireen Deeb
Published 2 weeks ago on 7 February, 2024
Detective found guilty of attacking man ‘taking selfies’ in Café en Seine apologises (Dublin bar assault case)

In a recent court ruling, a detective was found guilty of assaulting a man at a Dublin bar. The incident, involving Detective Robert Hennessy attacking Michael Finnegan, who was taking selfies, occurred at Café en Seine. The detective has since issued an apology for his actions. This case has garnered attention due to the nature of the assault and the subsequent legal proceedings.

Key takeaways

  • Detective Robert Hennessy found guilty of assault in Dublin bar.
  • Victim Michael Finnegan was taking selfies at the time of the attack.
  • The incident took place on December 11, 2019, at Café en Seine.
  • Sentencing adjourned pending probation and restorative justice report.
Detective Robert Hennessy has apologized after being found guilty of assaulting Michael Finnegan, who was taking selfies in Café en Seine, a well-known Dublin establishment.

Details of the Dublin bar assault case

The infamous Dublin bar assault case, unfolding within the lively confines of Café en Seine, saw Detective Hennessy found guilty of assaulting Michael Finnegan. The attack, involving repeated punches to Finnegan’s face, ultimately led to the detective’s conviction in court. Following the verdict, the detective expressed remorse for his actions, apologizing for the assault on the man wrongly suspected of “taking selfies” in the bar.

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Legal Proceedings and Public Reaction

The court’s decision to adjourn sentencing for a probation and restorative justice report has sparked discussions on law enforcement conduct. The officer’s fear that Mr. Finnegan would “out” him and his colleagues has added another layer to the case’s complexity. The detective found guilty of attacking man ‘taking selfies’ in Café en Seine apologises, but the community awaits the final sentencing.

Date of Incident Location Assailant Victim
December 11, 2019 Café en Seine, Dublin Robert Hennessy Michael Finnegan

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The detective found guilty of assaulting a man in Café en Seine has made a public apology. This case highlights the importance of accountability and the impact of such incidents on public trust in law enforcement. As the community reflects on the events, many await the final outcome and the implications it may have on justice and policing standards.


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