Two Men Jailed for Violent Fight in Cork Pizza Place

Salim Ali
Published 2 weeks ago on 7 February, 2024
'Cowardly' assault during row over soccer in Cork pizza outlet results in jail for two men

The recent “‘Cowardly’ assault during row over soccer in Cork pizza outlet results in jail for two men” has garnered significant attention. The altercation, which began as a disagreement over soccer, escalated into a violent attack. Cork Circuit Criminal Court heard the case, leading to the sentencing of the two men involved in the unprovoked assault.

Key takeaways

  • Two men jailed for assault in Cork pizza outlet.
  • Disagreement over soccer led to violent altercation.
  • Victim suffered a fractured nasal bone but made a full recovery.
  • Attackers identified and pled guilty, receiving suspended sentences.
  • Judge condemns the unprovoked and cowardly nature of the assault.
In Cork, a soccer-related dispute at a pizza outlet turned violent, resulting in two men being convicted and jailed for their roles in the cowardly and unprovoked attack on a young man.

Details of the Assault and Legal Proceedings

The incident, which took place on October 3, 2021, at Eskimo Pizza on Grand Parade, involved Ryan Condon and Jack Lane assaulting an individual they had not previously met. The confrontation quickly turned physical, with the victim sustaining serious injuries. The assailants were later identified via CCTV footage and subsequently arrested.

Consequences and Reflections from the Defendants

In court, the defense barristers highlighted factors such as addiction issues and lack of intent to instigate the violence. Both men expressed remorse for their actions, with Lane inquiring about the victim’s wellbeing. Despite these mitigating factors, the judge emphasized the severity of the assault and the importance of public safety.

Defendant Age Sentence Suspended
Ryan Condon 22 2 years 6 months
Jack Lane 20 1 year 8 months 8 months

The “‘Cowardly’ assault during row over soccer in Cork pizza outlet results in jail for two men” serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of violence. The court’s decision sends a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated, and that individuals must be held accountable for their actions, regardless of the circumstances that may have led to the altercation.


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