Local Officials Encouraged to Support €18 Million Traveller Camp Project

Batol Ahmad
Published 3 weeks ago on 9 February, 2024
Cork councillors urged to back €18m plan for Traveller halting site

Cork councillors have been urged to back a significant €18m plan for a Traveller halting site, a project that promises to tackle the dire living conditions at Spring Lane. The Traveller Visibility Group (TVG) has called for political support following the Council’s finalization of a 27-unit residential scheme. This initiative, fueled by recent funding from the Department of Housing, aims to address the site’s overcrowding and chronic issues.

Key takeaways

  • TVG appeals for political backing for the €18m housing regeneration plan.
  • The scheme proposes 27 new residential units for Spring Lane residents.
  • €17.9m in funding secured from the Department of Housing.
  • Public consultation and council decision expected by May.
  • Report highlighted severe living conditions affecting children.
The €18m housing plan is set to transform Spring Lane, one of Ireland’s most inadequate halting sites, into a community with proper living conditions, pending Cork city councillors’ approval.

Urgent Need for Improved Living Conditions at Spring Lane

The Cork councillors urged to back the €18m plan for the Traveller halting site comes after a scathing report by the Ombudsman for Children, Dr. Niall Muldoon. It exposed the unacceptable living conditions at Spring Lane, highlighting the council’s failure to protect children’s interests. The proposed scheme is a response to decades of neglect and could mark a turning point for the community.

With the local elections looming, councillors’ support for the project is critical. Breda O’Donoghue of the TVG stressed the importance of political will to ensure the scheme’s success. The plan not only seeks to provide adequate housing but also to mend the long-standing issues that have marred the site’s history.

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Community Engagement and Funding Milestones Achieved

Since the critical report, the council has engaged with Traveller groups and residents, facilitated by a stakeholder engagement specialist, to outline their housing needs. This collaboration has been pivotal in shaping the proposed housing scheme. Cork councillors urged to back the €18m plan for the Traveller halting site are now at a crucial juncture to make a transformative decision.

The secured funding of €17.9m from the Department of Housing is a testament to the project’s viability and the commitment to resolve the long-standing issues at Spring Lane. The forthcoming public consultation and the council’s decision will be decisive steps in realizing the vision for a better living environment for the site’s residents.

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Year Opened 1989
Original Capacity 10 bays
Current Families ~50 families
Residents Sharing Facilities ~300 people
Funding Secured €17.9 million
Proposed Units 27 residential units

The call for Cork councillors to back the €18m plan for the Traveller halting site is a pivotal moment for the Spring Lane community. With the potential to vastly improve the living standards of its residents, the scheme represents a beacon of hope. The upcoming public consultation and council decision will be critical steps in turning this plan into a reality, ensuring that the residents of Spring Lane can look forward to a future with dignity and adequate housing.


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