Worries Over Insufficient Amenities in Auckland Housing Projects

Shireen Deeb
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Auckland housing development concerns

As Auckland’s residential areas sprawl outwards, Auckland housing development concerns surrounding a lack of facilities in suburban neighborhoods are escalating. Residents of Point Chevalier, bracing for an influx of thousands of new homes, express their unease at the slow progress in developing essential community support and infrastructure to accommodate the growth.

Key takeaways

  • Point Chevalier residents worried about new developments lacking community facilities.
  • 4000 new homes planned in Carrington Residential Development.
  • Local businesses report increased anti-social behavior and crime.
  • Community calls for more social support and police presence.
  • Auckland Council and Kāinga Ora acknowledge the concerns.
Auckland housing development concerns, In Point Chevalier, the community is grappling with the challenges of housing developments outpacing the provision of necessary facilities and social support systems.

Auckland housing development concerns: Social challenges

The Carrington Residential Development is set to transform Point Chevalier, yet the concerns about lack of facilities for housing developments in Akl suburb underscore a growing disconnect. As new housing projects like the 61-unit modular apartment block by Kāinga Ora near completion, social issues such as homelessness and anti-social behavior are becoming more pronounced, leaving residents and local businesses calling for action.

Emran, a local restaurant owner, has become emblematic of the distress felt by many as he recounts daily confrontations with intoxicated individuals and rising crime. The community’s plea for a sustained police presence reflects their desire for a safe and supportive neighborhood amidst the housing boom.

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Community Facilities Lag Behind Housing Growth

As thousands of new homes are poised to reshape Point Chevalier, the concerns about lack of facilities for housing developments in Akl suburb are not unfounded. The closure of the local library, a cornerstone for community engagement, has left a void, only partially filled by a temporary pop-up solution. This gap in facilities is felt acutely by residents like Russell Brown, who sees a pressing need for robust community support.

The local board chairperson, Margi Watson, is pushing for the inclusion of a new library hub in Auckland Council’s 10-year plan. Her urgency reflects the community’s sentiment that without proper infrastructure, the quality of life in Point Chevalier could be compromised despite the influx of new residents.

Development Units Completion Community Impact
Carrington Residential 4000 homes 15 years Increased need for facilities
Kāinga Ora Apartments 61 units Later this year Community space included

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As Point Chevalier prepares for a significant population surge, Auckland housing development concerns regarding a lack of facilities remain a pressing issue. The community’s call for a balanced approach to development, emphasizing the crucial inclusion of necessary social infrastructure, serves as a powerful reminder that building homes and building communities are intrinsically linked. As Auckland’s growth continues, ensuring new developments are accompanied by adequate support services will be paramount in preserving the city’s overall livability.


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