Man from Co Clare Accused of Urging Rape by Two Men

Shireen Deeb
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Co Clare man incitement rape trial

The Irish legal system is set to tackle an unprecedented case as a 38-year-old Co Clare man faces a “Co Clare man incitement rape trial” at the Central Criminal Court. This landmark case marks the first time someone has been charged with inciting others to commit rape in Ireland. The accused stands accused of nine separate charges related to the alleged incitement, which occurred between November and December 2020.

Key takeaways

  • Co Clare man faces first-of-its-kind charges for inciting rape.
  • Nine separate charges include impersonation and invitation to violence.
  • Accused to stand trial at the Central Criminal Court.
  • Extensive Garda investigation results in a four-volume Book of Evidence.
  • Strict bail conditions imposed, including no social media use.
The Co Clare man is accused of a serious crime, inciting two individuals to commit rape, and is now set for a high-profile trial at the Central Criminal Court.

Unprecedented Charges Lead to Central Criminal Court Trial

The accused, whose occupation remains undisclosed, appeared in Ennis District Court where Judge Alec Gabbett ordered the trial to proceed. The charges are particularly serious as they involve the alleged incitement of rape, a charge rarely seen in Irish courts. The Co Clare man charged with inciting two other men to rape a woman is also accused of creating fake online profiles to facilitate this crime.

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Co Clare man incitement rape trial: Investigation and bail conditions

Reflecting the complexity of the case, the Clare Divisional Protective Services Unit has compiled a substantial Book of Evidence. The man’s bail terms, including residing at a specified address and avoiding contact with the alleged victims, emphasize the gravity of the accusations. The Co Clare man charged with inciting two other men to rape a woman must also stay off social media platforms as part of his bail conditions.

Charge Date Range Act
Incitement to Rape 18 Nov – 20 Dec 2020 Common Law
Impersonation and Invitation to Violence 20 Apr – 18 Dec 2020 Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act
Child Sexual Abuse Images Possession 17 Jan 2021 Child Pornography Trafficking and Pornography Act

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The Co Clare man facing the “Co Clare man incitement rape trial” now takes on the difficult task of defending himself in the Central Criminal Court. This unique and disturbing case has garnered attention due to its unprecedented nature, with the accused facing a multitude of charges that paint a concerning picture. As legal proceedings unfold, the implications of this trial could have significant consequences, potentially setting precedents for future prosecutions of similar crimes.


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