Worker Dies in Machinery Accident at Clelands Timber, New Plymouth

Mona Mohammed
Published 3 weeks ago on 9 February, 2024
Clelands Timber worker dies following machinery incident at New Plymouth site

In a tragic turn of events, a Clelands Timber worker dies following a machinery incident at the New Plymouth site. The incident, which occurred in late January, resulted in the death of Sorav Saini, who succumbed to his injuries this week in hospital.

Key takeaways

  • A workplace incident at Clelands Timber led to an employee’s death.
  • Sorav Saini died after a machinery-related injury.
  • WorkSafe is currently investigating the circumstances of the incident.
  • Support is being provided to the victim’s family and colleagues.
The Clelands Timber incident in New Plymouth has resulted in a fatality, with ongoing investigations by WorkSafe to determine the cause and ensure future safety.

Clelands Timber worker dies following a machinery incident

The death of Sorav Saini has cast a shadow over the Clelands Timber community. As the finger jointer and optimizer supervisor, Saini was a valued team member. Following the incident, the company has extended its support to the bereaved family and Saini’s colleagues, emphasizing their commitment to the well-being of all affected.

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Investigation Underway After Fatal Machinery Incident

WorkSafe’s involvement is crucial as they conduct a thorough investigation into the Clelands Timber worker’s death. The regulatory body’s probe aims to uncover the sequence of events leading to the tragedy, ensuring such incidents are prevented in the future. The machinery was temporarily shut down and has since been cleared for operation.

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Date of Incident Response Investigation Status
January 25 Ambulance, rapid response units, operations manager, helicopter Ongoing by WorkSafe
Week Following Incident Machinery shut down Resumed February 1 with clearance
Support for Affected Provided to family and colleagues Company cooperating with WorkSafe

The Clelands Timber worker dies following a machinery incident at the New Plymouth site, marking a sombre moment for the local community. As investigations continue, the focus remains on understanding how this incident occurred and preventing future tragedies, while providing necessary support to those impacted by the loss of Sorav Saini.


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