Police Think Suspect Set Up Meeting Before Clapham Attack

Salim Ali
Published 2 weeks ago on 7 February, 2024
Clapham attack suspect arranged to meet victim, police believe

The Clapham attack suspect arranged to meet the victim, police believe, in a tragic incident that has left a woman severely injured and a community in shock. Abdul Shokoor Ezedi, 35, is the man suspected of orchestrating the assault following the end of a romantic relationship. The Metropolitan Police have now intensified their search, as the suspect remains at large since the attack last Wednesday.

Key takeaways

  • Abdul Shokoor Ezedi is suspected of the Clapham alkali attack.
  • The attack may have been motivated by a relationship breakdown.
  • The victim, a 31-year-old woman, is sedated and may lose sight in one eye.
  • Ezedi has prior convictions and is believed to have entered the UK in 2016.
  • A £20,000 reward is offered for information leading to Ezedi’s capture.
The Clapham attack suspect, Abdul Shokoor Ezedi, is wanted for attempted murder following an alkali attack on his ex-partner, who is now fighting for her sight in the hospital.

Intense Manhunt Underway for Clapham Attack Suspect

Police are urging Abdul Shokoor Ezedi to surrender as they believe the Clapham attack suspect arranged to meet the victim before committing the heinous act. The suspect’s last known whereabouts were captured on CCTV, showing him crossing Vauxhall Bridge. Authorities are concerned about Ezedi’s own significant injuries, which they say could be fatal without medical attention.

Community Rallies to Aid Police in Search Efforts

The Metropolitan Police and local communities are working together to locate Ezedi. Darius Nasimi, from a charity supporting Afghan integration, emphasized that the attack does not reflect the broader Afghan community in the UK. The police have reached out to the public, offering a substantial reward for any information that could lead to the suspect’s arrest.

Subject Details
Suspect Name Abdul Shokoor Ezedi
Age 35
Last Seen 31 January, crossing Vauxhall Bridge
Possible Motive Relationship breakdown
Victim’s Condition Sedated, risk of losing sight
Reward for Information £20,000

The Clapham attack suspect arranged to meet the victim with devastating consequences, according to the latest police reports. The suspect, Abdul Shokoor Ezedi, is still at large, and the authorities are calling for public assistance to bring him to justice. The case has not only brought to light the severity of domestic violence but also the importance of community cooperation in ensuring safety and justice for victims.


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