Many Asylum Seekers Faking Conversions in Church of England

Batol Ahmad
Published 2 weeks ago on 9 February, 2024
Church of England has become ‘conveyor belt for asylum seeker fake conversions’

Recent claims have surfaced that the Church of England has become ‘conveyor belt for asylum seeker fake conversions’. Reverend Mr. Firth, upon his arrival at St Cuthbert’s Church in Darlington, noticed an unusually high number of asylum seekers seeking baptisms, sparking concerns over the authenticity of their conversions.

Key takeaways

  • Mr. Firth encountered an unusual spike in adult baptism requests from asylum seekers.
  • He implemented a six-month church attendance rule before baptism.
  • Claims of pressure from lawyers and bullying by activists within the church.
  • Concerns over security and cultural integrity due to potential fake conversions.
  • Mr. Firth ultimately left his post for the Free Church of England.
Mr. Firth’s stance on baptism protocol has highlighted potential misuse of religious conversion claims by asylum seekers to bolster their applications, raising ethical and security concerns.

Implementing Rules to Ensure Sincere Conversions

Mr. Firth believed that baptism should not be denied but required genuine commitment. Introducing a six-month church attendance policy, he aimed to deter insincere requests. His actions led to a decline in asylum seekers pursuing baptism at his church, suggesting his suspicions might have merit.

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Allegations of Coercion and Internal Church Conflict

Amidst this controversy, Mr. Firth reported being pressured by legal representatives of asylum seekers and experiencing hostility from some church members. The internal conflict and lack of support from senior clergy contributed to his decision to leave his position at St Cuthbert’s.

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Issue Details
Adult Baptisms Significant increase among asylum seekers at St Cuthbert’s.
Six-Month Rule Introduced by Mr. Firth to ensure sincerity of faith.
Pressure from Lawyers Claims of coercion to support asylum applications.
Church Conflict Reports of bullying and lack of support from clergy.
Outcome Mr. Firth left for the Free Church of England.

The Church of England has become ‘conveyor belt for asylum seeker fake conversions’, according to Mr. Firth, who took a stand against what he perceived as a misuse of the baptism process. His experiences have shed light on a complex issue, intertwining religious practice with the plight of asylum seekers and the integrity of the church’s role in society.


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