Five-Day Boston Weather: Expect Snowstorm on Monday

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 29 January, 2024

The Boston 5-day forecast: Snow storm Monday indicates that the start of the week will see the end of snowfall, with cloudy conditions persisting. While snow showers taper off in inland areas by mid-morning, coastal regions south of Boston may experience snow into the evening. As the storm moves out, colder air will bring additional snowfall to some areas.

Key takeaways

  • Snow ending by mid-morning Monday, clouds remain.
  • Coastal snow showers may continue into the evening.
  • Isolated areas in Plymouth County could see up to 2 inches.
  • Temperatures to stay below average on Tuesday.
  • February’s overnight lows are the fourth warmest on record.
  • Week ahead looks drier and slightly warmer than average.
The Boston 5-day forecast: Snow storm Monday brings a swift end to snowfall with a chilly week ahead, but a warming trend suggests milder weather as February progresses.

Snow Showers Subside as Boston Braces for Cold

Following the Boston 5-day forecast: Snow storm Monday, residents can expect snow showers to diminish, leaving behind cloudy skies for the remainder of the day. While the snow may be stopping, the cold is not letting up. Inland areas will see little additional accumulation, with just a light coating possible in some spots.

South of Boston, however, the snow might linger a bit longer. Bands of snow along the coastline could persist into the afternoon or evening hours, potentially impacting travel and outdoor activities. The focus now shifts to the temperatures, which are forecasted to drop significantly.

Chilly Temperatures and Potential for More Snow

In the wake of the storm, colder air will lead to some snow activity off the ocean, particularly in Plymouth County where isolated locations might receive a couple of inches. However, this is not expected to be widespread across the South Shore. The Cape and Islands will also see a changeover from mixed precipitation to snow before the day ends.

Looking ahead, Tuesday promises a return of sunshine after several overcast days, albeit with temperatures remaining in the brisk 20s. This cold snap is notable given that February’s overnight lows have been running at the fourth warmest on record, according to NOAA data.

Day Weather Condition High/Low Temperatures
Monday Cloudy, Snow Ending 30s/20s
Tuesday Sunny, Cold 20s/-
Wednesday Partly Cloudy 30s/-
Thursday Chance of Snow Showers 30s/-
Friday Mostly Cloudy 30s/-

The Boston 5-day forecast: Snow storm Monday marks the end of snowfall, with a cold but gradually warming week ahead. As we move closer to spring, the trend of warmer winters continues, with this season’s overnight lows among the warmest on record. The forecast suggests a drier and slightly warmer start to February, a welcome change for Bostonians.


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