Woman’s Body Found at Tramore Pier

Batol Ahmad
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Body of woman recovered from Tramore Pier

The coastal community of Tramore is in mourning after the Body of woman recovered from Tramore Pier early this morning. Gardai and emergency services were called to the scene at approximately 8am, where they found the deceased. The woman’s body was subsequently transported to University Hospital Waterford for examination.

Key takeaways

  • Woman’s body discovered at Tramore Pier at 8am.
  • Body taken to University Hospital Waterford.
  • Incident not being treated as suspicious by Gardai.
  • Local community awaits further information.
The discovery of a woman’s body at Tramore Pier is being handled as a tragic event, with no suspicion of foul play according to Gardai.

Community Reacts to Sudden Tragedy

The Body of woman recovered from Tramore Pier has sent shockwaves through the local community. Residents have expressed their sorrow and confusion over the incident, which has disrupted the tranquility of the seaside town. The Gardai have commenced an investigation, though they have quickly indicated that the circumstances surrounding the woman’s death are not being considered suspicious.

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Investigation Underway, No Foul Play Suspected

As the investigation into the Body of woman recovered from Tramore Pier continues, Gardai are appealing to the public for any information that may help in understanding the events leading to the woman’s death. Despite this, the initial assessment suggests that the incident was a tragic occurrence, and the community has been urged to await further details patiently.

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Time of Discovery Location Response
8:00 AM Tramore Pier Body removed to University Hospital Waterford
Current Status Investigation ongoing, death not treated as suspicious

The Body of woman recovered from Tramore Pier has brought a somber tone to the area as locals await further updates. While the Gardai continue their inquiries, the community holds onto the hope that the woman’s family will find some solace in the coming days. More information will be provided as it becomes available, and the public is encouraged to stay informed through local news sources.


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