Dead Body Discovered in Northern Area of Raglan, Waikato

Shireen Deeb
Published 4 weeks ago on 9 February, 2024
body found north Raglan, Waikato

Body found north Raglan: A tragic discovery was made recently as a body was found north of Raglan, Waikato. The Waikato police confirmed the recovery of the body from Te Akau, just north of the popular coastal town of Raglan. This incident has sparked widespread concern in the community as authorities proceed with the investigation.

Key takeaways

  • Body recovered by police in Te Akau, north of Raglan.
  • Formal identification and post-mortem scheduled for today.
  • Police are currently withholding comments pending investigation.
  • Last week, a person went missing at Papanui Point, Waikato.
The body found north of Raglan, Waikato, is currently being identified, with a post-mortem to follow. Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery.

Body found north Raglan: Investigation Underway After Body Discovery

News of the “Body found north Raglan” has triggered a thorough investigation by local authorities in the Waikato region. The Waikato police are actively identifying the deceased, leaving the community on edge awaiting updates. This rugged coastline has sadly seen similar incidents before.

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Community Awaits Identification and Answers

The discovery of the body has left the Raglan community seeking answers. While the police have not yet provided details, the formal identification process and post-mortem examination are expected to shed light on the situation. The community hopes for closure as the investigation into the body found north of Raglan, Waikato, continues.

Date of Discovery Location Next Steps
Yesterday evening Te Akau, North of Raglan Identification and post-mortem
January 29 Papanui Point, Waikato Search operation for missing person

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The body found north Raglan, Waikato, has prompted an ongoing investigation, with the local community and authorities awaiting the results of the identification process. The situation remains delicate, and further updates are expected as the police continue their inquiry into the circumstances of the individual’s death.


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