Video Captures Barnaby Joyce Cursing on Phone Outdoors

Shireen Deeb
Published 3 weeks ago on 9 February, 2024
Barnaby Joyce late-night incident

Barnaby Joyce late-night incident: A bizarre video shows Barnaby Joyce swearing on a phone on a footpath has sparked a flurry of media attention. The former deputy prime minister was captured in a state of distress late at night in Canberra, an incident that has left him feeling ashamed and embarrassed. This unexpected event has led to his wife, Vikki Campion, speaking out in his defense, shedding light on the context of the situation.

Key takeaways

  • Barnaby Joyce was filmed lying on a footpath, appearing distressed and swearing into his phone.
  • His wife, Vikki Campion, has defended him, stating the outburst was not directed at her.
  • Ms. Campion expressed disappointment that bystanders chose to film rather than help.
  • Barnaby Joyce late-night incident occurred near an apartment owned by Joyce in Braddon, Canberra.
Barnaby Joyce’s late-night incident, where he was found swearing on a phone on a footpath, has been met with both concern and criticism, highlighting the vulnerability of public figures in personal moments.

Barnaby Joyce Late-Night Incident Captured on Video

The video, showing Barnaby Joyce swearing on a phone on a footpath, was taken late at night near his Braddon apartment. Witnesses reported seeing Joyce sitting on a pot plant before falling and beginning his tirade. His wife has confirmed that the expletives were self-directed, a form of self-criticism, and not aimed at her. She was on the other end of the call, half-asleep, unaware of the extent of Joyce’s distress.

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Public Reaction and Wife’s Defense of Joyce

Public reactions to the bizarre video showing Barnaby Joyce swearing on a phone on a footpath have been mixed. While some are critical of his behavior, his wife has emphasized his history of helping others in similar situations. She recounted instances where Joyce assisted disoriented individuals, contrasting those acts of kindness with the lack of assistance he received. The incident has raised questions about privacy and the ethics of recording someone in a vulnerable state.

Event Detail Description
Location Braddon, Canberra
Time of Incident Late night
Witnesses’ Actions Filmed, did not assist
Wife’s Reaction Defends Joyce, criticizes bystanders
Previous Incidents Joyce helped others in need

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A bizarre late-night incident involving Barnaby Joyce, captured on video and showing him swearing on a phone while lying on a footpath, has sparked a wider discussion about the delicate balance between public life and personal vulnerability. While Joyce himself expressed regret for the incident, his wife’s defense and the public’s recollection of his past positive work paint a contrasting narrative to the one depicted in the video. As the dust settles on the “Barnaby Joyce late-night incident,” it serves as a stark reminder of the complex situations faced by those in the public eye.


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