Town in Bay of Plenty Deals with Dogs, Bikes, Higher Rates

Shireen Deeb
Published 4 weeks ago on 9 February, 2024
Tāneatua community concerns

Tāneatua community concerns took center stage at a recent meeting held at the local fire station. Residents voiced their unease about several pressing issues, including roaming dogs, rates rises, and dirt bikes, which are stirring unease within the Bay of Plenty town. The gathering, spearheaded by Whakatane District Council Te Urewera general ward councillor Andrew Iles, aimed to address these Tāneatua community concerns directly.

Key takeaways

  • Community meeting held in Tāneatua to discuss local issues.
  • Concerns included roaming dogs, children on motorbikes, and road conditions.
  • Impending 27.8% rate rise raises affordability questions.
  • Suggestions made for an off-road dirt bike site.
  • Residents united on the need for Pekatahi Bridge repairs.
Residents of Tāneatua, a Bay of Plenty town, are raising safety and affordability issues, including the impact of a significant rates increase and the dangers posed by roaming dogs and children on motorbikes.

Community Meeting Highlights Local Challenges

During the Tāneatua community meeting, the imminent 27.8% rates hike was a significant concern, especially for the elderly on fixed incomes. The Bay of Plenty town faces roaming dogs, rates rises, and dirt bikes, with each issue posing unique challenges to the community’s safety and financial stability.

Roaming dogs have been a menace, with reports of pets being attacked, while children riding motorbikes recklessly on the streets add to the safety hazards. The poor condition of roads, including State Highway 2, further compounds the town’s difficulties.

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Tāneatua community concerns: Proposed Solutions

An under-utilised reserve was proposed as a potential off-road dirt bike area, but concerns about noise and safety have stalled the idea. Meanwhile, the Bay of Plenty town faces roaming dogs, rates rises, and dirt bikes, and residents are seeking effective solutions to these persistent problems.

The condition of the Pekatahi Bridge was another unanimous concern. Attendees called for more than just quick fixes to the aging infrastructure, emphasizing the need for substantial and lasting repairs to ensure safety and reliability.

Issue Community Concern Suggested Solution
Roaming Dogs Pet safety Enhanced animal control support
Rates Rise Affordability for elderly Consultation on long-term plan
Dirt Bikes Child safety on roads Possible off-road site consideration
Road Conditions Safety and infrastructure Advocacy for substantial bridge repairs

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Tāneatua community concerns, such as roaming dogs, rates rises, and dirt bikes, have prompted residents of the Bay of Plenty town to seek action and support from local authorities. The recent community meeting in Tāneatua served as a platform to discuss these Tāneatua community concerns, sparking a dialogue with hopes for future gatherings to continue addressing and resolving them. Through a collaborative approach, Tāneatua aims to improve safety, infrastructure, and affordability for its residents, tackling the very issues that sparked the initial Tāneatua community concerns.


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