Security Firm Fired After Lawyer Attacked at B.C. Courthouse

Shireen Deeb
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
B.C. courthouse security concerns

In a significant development, the dismissal of the B.C. courthouse security company following a lawyer attack has thrust B.C. courthouse security concerns into the spotlight. This incident, which occurred on February 2nd, involved the assault of a Crown prosecutor near the Vancouver provincial courthouse, further amplifying these concerns. The British Columbia Prosecution Service (BCPS) has since terminated its contract with the private security firm involved, although specific details about the security measures remain confidential.

Key takeaways

  • Crown prosecutor assaulted near Vancouver provincial courthouse.
  • B.C. courthouse security company let go after lawyer attack.
  • BCPS maintains confidentiality on court security details.
  • Accused’s file unusually locked down in Court Services Online database.
  • Government and BCPS silent on specifics of the incident and security protocols.
After an assault on a Crown prosecutor, the B.C. courthouse security company was dismissed, prompting a review of security measures at the Vancouver provincial courthouse.

B.C. courthouse security concerns over assault

The B.C. courthouse security company let go after the lawyer attack has led to a reassessment of protection for legal professionals. The BCPS, while not disclosing specifics, has acknowledged the implementation of a multi-layered security strategy at the courthouse. This includes the BC Sheriff Service, in-house security personnel, and until the incident, the services of a private security firm. The attack has prompted Premier David Eby to call for an investigation into heightened security measures to ensure the safety of courthouse staff and the public.

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Security Measures Under Scrutiny Following Incident

Following the B.C. courthouse security company’s dismissal after the lawyer attack, courthouse employees, including prosecutors, are reportedly being escorted from a private parkade to the courthouse. This new protocol signifies the growing safety concerns in the Downtown Eastside vicinity of the courthouse. The BCPS’s decision to not release details on security arrangements underscores the sensitivity and importance of maintaining the integrity of security protocols.

Event Date Incident Response
February 2, 2023 Assault on Crown prosecutor Private security company contract terminated
Ongoing Review of courthouse security Increased protective measures for courthouse staff
Ongoing File lockdown in Court Services Online Government maintains confidentiality

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In the wake of the dismissal of the B.C. courthouse security company following a lawyer attack, B.C. courthouse security concerns have been thrust into the spotlight. This incident underscores the vulnerability of legal professionals and the public within courthouses. While the BCPS’s decision to bolster security measures, without divulging specifics, acknowledges the situation’s gravity, it also serves as a stark reminder of the multifaceted challenges in securing a safe and just legal system.


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