Auditor: Cut Deputy Mayor’s Costs to Pay €700K Landfill Fee

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 28 January, 2024
Auditor suggests council dock Deputy Mayor's expenses to help recoup €700k landfill bill

A State auditor has recommended that a County Council consider docking the expenses of its deputy mayor in an effort to recoup a significant sum of money. The advice comes after the council faced a €739,000 bill for cleaning up a toxic waste dump linked to the deputy mayor’s company. This situation has sparked a debate on accountability and the use of public funds, with the auditor suggesting the council dock Deputy Mayor’s expenses to help recoup the €700k landfill bill.

Key takeaways

  • State auditor advises council to target deputy mayor’s expenses for cost recovery.
  • Council incurred €739,000 in cleanup costs from deputy mayor’s company’s toxic waste site.
  • Environmental NGO urges the council to act as a deterrent for future violations.
  • Deputy Mayor Declan Doocey claims he will be exonerated and has been unfairly targeted.
The auditor’s recommendation to dock the deputy mayor’s expenses is aimed at ensuring accountability and serves as a potential deterrent against future environmental violations by public officials.

Deputy Mayor Faces Scrutiny Over Toxic Waste

The controversy centers on Deputy Mayor Declan Doocey, whose company’s waste site cleanup led to substantial costs for the council. The auditor’s suggestion to dock Deputy Mayor’s expenses to help recoup the €700k landfill bill has brought the issue into the public eye. Doocey, who has not repaid any costs, maintains his innocence and alleges that his waste was properly managed, despite the council’s claims of environmental law breaches.

Council’s Actions and Auditor’s Recommendations

While the council has engaged in dialogue with Doocey, the auditor’s recommendations highlight a lack of action in recovering the funds. The auditor suggests council dock Deputy Mayor’s expenses to help recoup the €700k landfill bill, emphasizing the council’s power under local government legislation to enforce financial accountability, which has yet to be fully utilized in this case.

Issue Details
Deputy Mayor’s Company Linked to toxic waste site cleanup costs
Cleanup Costs €739,000 plus €39,000 in legal fees
Auditor’s Advice Dock expenses to recover costs
Council’s Response Ongoing dialogue, no details disclosed
Environmental Impact NGO calls for action as a deterrent

In conclusion, the auditor’s recommendation to the County Council to dock the deputy mayor’s expenses is a significant development in the ongoing case of the costly toxic waste site cleanup. The suggestion aims to hold public officials accountable for their actions and ensure that public funds are protected. The council’s next steps in response to the auditor’s advice will be closely monitored by the community and environmental groups seeking justice and prevention of future environmental mismanagement.


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