Council Exposes Dirtiest Restaurants in Auckland

Mona Mohammed
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Auckland's filthiest restaurants revealed by council

Auckland’s filthiest restaurants revealed by council, sparking concern among local diners. In a recent audit, 43 food establishments were flagged for unsanitary conditions, including cockroach infestations and unclean kitchens. The findings have led to calls for improved food safety practices across the city.

Key takeaways

  • 43 Auckland restaurants were found with pests and filthy conditions.
  • Auckland Council issued D and E grades to these establishments.
  • Central Auckland had the highest number of D grade restaurants.
  • Two outlets were temporarily closed due to critical risks.
  • 35 of the 41 D grade shops improved to A grades after reinspection.
Auckland Council’s inspections have unveiled concerning hygiene issues in 43 restaurants, leading to a major call for better food safety and cleanliness standards in the industry.

Auckland’s filthiest restaurants

Recent inspections by the Auckland Council have brought to light significant hygiene issues within the local food industry. Auckland’s filthiest restaurants revealed by council, with 41 shops receiving a D grade and two others temporarily shut down after receiving E grades. These grades indicate serious breaches in food safety, including inadequate cleaning, pest control, and equipment maintenance.

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Efforts to Rectify Poor Conditions Show Progress

Following the council’s grading, efforts were made to address the poor conditions. A positive outcome is that 35 of the D graded shops managed to elevate their standards to receive A grades. This demonstrates a commitment to food safety and public health, as Auckland’s filthiest restaurants revealed by council are now taking steps to ensure compliance with regulations.

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Grade Number of Outlets Issues Identified Cost of Reinspection
D 41 Poor hygiene, pests Up to $771
E 2 Critical risks, closure $1400

Auckland’s filthiest restaurants revealed by council have prompted a city-wide initiative for cleaner, safer food service environments. As the community and officials work together, the expectation is for all food operators to adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and food safety to protect public health.


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