Council Exposes Auckland’s Dirtiest Restaurants

Shireen Deeb
Published 3 weeks ago on 9 February, 2024
Auckland restaurant hygiene issues

Auckland’s filthiest restaurants revealed by council, sparking concerns over food safety standards. The recent findings by Auckland Council have put the spotlight on substandard hygiene practices in the city’s eateries. With 43 restaurants flagged for issues ranging from pests to poor cleanliness, the call for stricter enforcement is louder than ever.

Key takeaways

  • 43 Auckland restaurants were found with hygiene issues.
  • 41 received a D grade, 2 temporarily closed with E grades.
  • Most D grade restaurants located in Central and South Auckland.
  • 35 of the D grade outlets improved to A grades after rectification.
  • E grades are for critical risks, leading to temporary closure.
Auckland restaurant hygiene issues have emerged as an Auckland Council inspection revealed significant hygiene issues at 43 local restaurants, underscoring the need to improve food safety practices.

Auckland restaurant hygiene issues: Food safety grades

Food safety grades are a crucial indicator of an establishment’s hygiene standards. Auckland’s filthiest restaurants revealed by council have shown that there’s a significant gap in compliance. The grading system, ranging from A to E, helps consumers make informed choices, with D and E grades indicating serious deficiencies that require immediate attention.

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Efforts to Rectify Poor Hygiene Practices

Following the council’s exposure of poor hygiene, affected restaurants have taken steps to improve. Of the 41 D graded outlets, a majority have managed to elevate their standards to secure an A grade. This demonstrates a positive response to the enforcement actions and highlights the effectiveness of the grading system in ensuring food safety.

Area Number of D Grade Restaurants Number of E Grade Restaurants
Central Auckland 13 0
South Auckland 12 0
East Auckland 7 0
West Auckland 5 0
North Auckland 4 2

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The emergence of Auckland restaurant hygiene issues and dirty restaurants in Auckland uncovered by the Council raised public awareness about food safety. The council’s rating system is a benchmark for cleanliness and quality, and a recent campaign has led to positive changes. While restaurants strive to meet required standards, customers can look forward to dining out with confidence regarding the safety and cleanliness of their food choices.


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