Inquest Hears of Efforts to Revive Toddler After Pool Accident

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Published 3 weeks ago on 9 February, 2024
Attempts to resuscitate toddler after paddling pool incident heard at inquest – The Irish Times

Attempts to resuscitate a toddler after a tragic paddling pool incident were the subject of an inquest recently. The heart-wrenching efforts of a family to save their 22-month-old child, Dáithí O’Grady, were detailed in testimony that painted a vivid picture of the emergency unfolding in their backyard.

Key takeaways

  • Dáithí O’Grady was found unresponsive in a shallow paddling pool.
  • Despite resuscitation attempts, he suffered irreversible brain damage.
  • An open verdict was returned at the inquest into his death.
  • The incident occurred at the family’s home in Tulsk, Co Roscommon.
The inquest into the death of 22-month-old Dáithí O’Grady revealed a family’s desperate attempts to save him after a paddling pool accident, which ultimately led to his untimely passing.

Family and First Responders Share Emotional Testimonies

During the inquest, the family recounted their frantic efforts to revive young Dáithí. His mother, Hayley O’Grady, was the first to notice her son’s absence and alerted her husband, Richard, who discovered Dáithí in the pool and began CPR. The child’s grandfather also assisted in the resuscitation efforts. Gardaí and paramedics arrived on the scene with emergency equipment, but the defibrillator advised against using a shock, indicating the severity of the situation.

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Medical Evidence Confirms Irreversible Damage and Loss

Medical professionals testified that Dáithí suffered severe brain damage due to a lack of oxygen. Dr. Aisling Walsh, a consultant at the hospital, confirmed the damage was irreversible, leading to a cardiac arrest. Despite being put on life support, Dáithí was pronounced dead three days after the incident. The inquest’s findings highlighted the fleeting (nature) of such accidents and the importance of vigilance around children’s water activities.

Toddler paddling pool tragedy, details of the accident:

Date of Incident Location Victim Outcome
June 7, 2021 Tulsk, Co Roscommon Dáithí O’Grady, 22 months old Passed away after life support was withdrawn

Attempts to resuscitate the toddler after the paddling pool incident were recounted in a detailed and somber inquest. The tragic event serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that even small amounts of water can pose to young children. The open verdict of the inquest leaves the family without a definitive conclusion, but the shared testimonies underscore the importance of constant supervision and quick action in emergencies involving children.

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