Former Students Oppose Newington College Becoming Co-educational

Shireen Deeb
Published 1 month ago on 31 January, 2024
Alumni protest against Newington College’s decision to go co-ed

The landmark announcement of Newington College co-ed protest ignited a storm of controversy, prompting an impassioned outcry from its alumni. This seismic shift, perceived by many as a departure from the school’s time-honored traditions, has stirred heated debates about the preservation of legacy versus the embrace of progress. The prestigious Sydney boys’ school, steeped in a rich history spanning over 160 years, now stands at a crossroads, its future direction shaped by the clash of these opposing forces.

Key takeaways

  • Newington College to admit girls, becoming fully co-ed by 2033.
  • Alumni, including Tony Ratsos, express concern over changing school dynamics.
  • Protesters demand transparency and a re-vote on the co-ed decision.
  • A petition expressing Newington College co-ed protest has received more than 2,300 signatures.A petition expressing Newington College co-ed protest has received more than 2,300 signatures.
  • Neighboring schools have mixed responses to adopting co-ed policies.
Amidst controversy, Newington College alumni protest the decision to transition to a co-educational system, fearing it may disrupt the school’s longstanding male bonding traditions and culture.

Alumni Protest Against Newington College’s Decision to Go Co-ed

Dozens of former students, including Tony Ratsos, have voiced their opposition to Newington College’s co-ed shift. They argue that the decision was made without adequate consultation from the wider school community. The move has prompted demonstrations, with protestors carrying signs and calling for the decision to be reversed. They fear the change will prioritize female students and alter the school’s male-centric traditions.

Newington College co-ed protest

Year 12 student Leo Grippi expressed his concerns about the school’s atmosphere being disrupted by the change, although he acknowledges the potential for a new learning environment. The protest and the resistance from alumni like Ratsos reflect a deep-seated value for the school’s historical single-sex education model, which they believe is crucial for preserving the Newingtonian legacy.

Year Change
2026 Admission of female secondary students begins
2033 Transition to fully co-ed completed
Current $42,201 annual fee for Year 12 boy
Protest Date 8am on Wednesday

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Alumni protest against Newington College’s decision to go co-ed, standing firm on their belief that the school’s essence is at risk. The debate continues as the community grapples with the implications of this significant change. While some see the move as a step towards inclusivity and modernity, others hold onto the tradition that has defined the Newington experience for generations. The outcome of this conflict will shape the future of the school and its students for years to come.


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