Al Green Votes in Hospital Clothes to Stop Mayorkas Impeachment

Salim Ali
Published 2 weeks ago on 7 February, 2024
Al Green, in Hospital Garb, Delivers Vote to Kill Mayorkas Impeachment

In a dramatic turn of events, Al Green, in hospital garb, delivered a crucial vote that ultimately killed the impeachment resolution against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas. The House was on edge as the final minutes of the vote approached, with the outcome hinging on every single vote.

Key takeaways

  • Al Green’s unexpected vote thwarted the impeachment of Alejandro N. Mayorkas.
  • The vote ended in a tie, leading to the resolution’s defeat.
  • Green’s decision to vote was personal, despite his recent surgery.
  • Republicans were caught off guard by Green’s last-minute appearance.
In an unforeseen twist, Representative Al Green’s vote from a wheelchair, dressed in hospital attire, was pivotal in blocking the impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas, tying the vote and causing a significant setback for the resolution’s proponents.

Al Green’s Determined Vote Changes the Outcome

Despite undergoing emergency abdominal surgery just days prior, Representative Al Green made an unexpected appearance in the House chamber. His vote against the impeachment resolution of Secretary Mayorkas was decisive, resulting in a 215-215 tie. This unexpected turn of events underscored the thin margins by which the House operates and the high stakes involved in this political showdown.

Republicans Surprised by Last-Minute Vote

Republicans, who had been confident in their numbers, were taken by surprise when Al Green, in hospital garb, delivers vote to kill Mayorkas impeachment. The strategy of withholding Green’s participation until the last moment proved to be a successful tactic, leaving the GOP scrambling to reconsider their approach. This incident has highlighted the unpredictability of political maneuvers and the importance of every single vote in the House.

Event Details
Vote on Impeachment Tied at 215-215, resolution defeated
Key Figure Representative Al Green (Democrat)
Outcome Impeachment resolution against Mayorkas killed
Green’s Condition Recently had emergency surgery

Al Green, in hospital garb, delivers vote to kill Mayorkas impeachment, marking a significant moment in the House. The resolution’s failure serves as a testament to the power of every individual vote and the dramatic nature of political proceedings. Green’s dedication to casting his vote, despite his medical condition, adds a personal and poignant layer to the story of this high-profile political battle.


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