Man Confesses by Text to Causing Deadly Cork Crash

Shireen Deeb
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Co Cork fatal crash confession

A somber twist has emerged in the Co Cork fatal crash confession, where the driver accused in the incident that claimed the life of beloved GAA broadcaster Paudie Palmer has admitted through text messages sent shortly after the tragedy to being “100% in the wrong.” Facing charges of dangerous driving, the individual has further confessed to fleeing the scene while under the influence of alcohol, expressing remorse for their actions.

Key takeaways

  • Accused admitted in texts he was ‘100% in the wrong’ just hours after fatal car crash in Co Cork.
  • Paudie Palmer, a GAA broadcaster, died following the collision.
  • The accused, Bohdan Bezverkhyi, faces charges of dangerous driving causing death.
  • Text messages reveal the accused sought advice and intended to surrender.
  • Despite admissions, the accused denies the charge of dangerous driving causing death.
The accused in the Co Cork car crash has admitted through text messages to being inebriated and responsible for the accident that resulted in the death of broadcaster Paudie Palmer.

Co Cork fatal crash confession: Remorse in Texts

Following the tragic accident, the accused, Bohdan Bezverkhyi, conveyed his guilt and panic in a series of text messages. These messages, which included admissions of drinking and driving, were presented as evidence in court. The accused’s immediate reaction was to seek advice and acknowledge his fault, which has become a key element in the ongoing trial.

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Legal Proceedings and Charges Faced

While the accused has pleaded guilty to leaving the scene, his defense maintains that this does not equate to an admission of dangerous driving causing death. The trial continues as the court examines the details of the case, including the accused’s initial response and subsequent charges laid by the authorities.

Incident Date Victim Accused Charges
December 29, 2022 Paudie Palmer Bohdan Bezverkhyi Dangerous driving causing death
Text Message Timeframe Death Date Accused’s Nationality Admission of Guilt
11:14am – 5:26pm January 8, 2023 Ukrainian Yes, in texts

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The Co Cork fatal crash confession, where the accused admitted through text messages to being “100% in the wrong” shortly after the incident, has cast a somber light on the tragic event. These messages, revealing a man aware of his grave mistake, now stand at the center of a court case seeking justice for the untimely death of Paudie Palmer. As the community mourns, the legal process unfolds, aiming to clarify the circumstances and hold the responsible parties accountable.


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