Seven-Car Collision on Eastbound Port Mann Bridge

Baraa Mohialdeen
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Port Mann Bridge crash traffic

A 7 vehicle crash on Port Mann Bridge crash traffic heading east has caused significant traffic congestion this Thursday morning. The collision, which involved multiple trucks and cars, resulted in the closure of all lanes as emergency services rushed to the scene. With the incident creating a substantial backup on Highway 1, commuters are advised to seek alternative routes.

Key takeaways

  • Seven-vehicle collision on Port Mann Bridge heading east.
  • All through lanes closed, causing major delays on Highway 1.
  • Debris scattered in the center lane; left Surrey 152 Street exit blocked.
  • Coquitlam Fire Department first responders; no serious injuries reported.
  • Patullo Bridge suggested as an alternate route.
The 7 vehicle crash on Port Mann Bridge crash traffic east has led to extensive traffic disruptions, with no serious injuries reported. Commuters should plan for alternate paths to avoid delays.

Emergency Services Respond to Multi-Vehicle Collision

The crash scene presented a chaotic view as emergency personnel navigated through the wreckage. Darren Grieve from CityNews Air Patrol described the scene, noting the involvement of heavy vehicles and a cargo van that appeared to have collided with another car. The Coquitlam Fire Department’s prompt arrival ensured immediate assistance to those affected by the incident.

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Port Mann Bridge crash traffic and Travel Advisories

As the 7 vehicle crash on Port Mann Bridge crash traffic heading east continues to impact traffic, authorities have issued travel advisories. The Surrey RCMP has confirmed the extent of the disruption, advising motorists to utilize the Patullo Bridge to circumvent the congested area. Traffic updates and weather conditions are being closely monitored to assist drivers.

Incident Details Response and Advisories
7 vehicle crash on Port Mann Bridge All lanes closed, emergency services on scene
Major delays on Highway 1 Alternate routes recommended
Debris in center lane, exit blocked Cleanup underway, no serious injuries

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The 7 vehicle crash on Port Mann Bridge crash traffic east has led to a challenging morning for commuters. While the lanes remain closed for cleanup and investigation, drivers are urged to exercise patience and follow the latest traffic reports. Thankfully, despite the severity of the crash, there have been no serious injuries, and officials are working diligently to restore normal traffic flow as swiftly as possible.


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