Over 5,000 Lose Power in San Luis Obispo, More Expected

Sabrin Elhawary
Published 3 weeks ago on 5 February, 2024
5000+ out of power in San Luis Obispo County, more power outages likely

As fierce winds sweep through the Central Coast, over 5000+ residents in San Luis Obispo County are grappling with power outages, with more disruptions anticipated. The gusts have wreaked havoc since Sunday morning, causing significant power losses and damage, and are forecasted to persist into the early days of next week.

Key takeaways

  • Strong winds have led to power outages affecting over 5000+ residents in San Luis Obispo County.
  • Outages are due to weather-related damage to power lines.
  • Emergency orders for Shelter-in-Place have been issued in areas with energized downed powerlines.
  • Power outages are expected to continue as the winds persist.
Fast Answer: Over 5000 residents in San Luis Obispo County are without power due to strong winds. Emergency measures are in place, and further outages may occur as the winds continue.

Widespread Power Outages Impact Central Coast Residents

At 7:40 a.m., 6,696 PG&E customers in Los Osos reported a loss of power, marking the beginning of a series of outages. Shortly after, at 9:05 a.m., Nipomo was hit, affecting another 6,008 customers. The preliminary cause for these outages has been attributed to the severe weather conditions battering the region.

Emergency Measures and Safety Precautions in Place

In response to the crisis, emergency officials have enacted a Shelter-in-Place order for residents near The Pike, Garfield Pl, and Gaynfair Terrace due to live downed power lines. The community is urged to remain indoors and await the all-clear from authorities, emphasizing public safety amidst the ongoing power outages.

Area Customers Affected Reported Time Cause
Los Osos 6,696 7:40 a.m. Weather
Nipomo 6,008 9:05 a.m. Weather
Arroyo Grande 883 8:57 a.m. Winds

The strong winds causing extensive power outages in San Luis Obispo County have put over 5000+ residents in the dark, with additional power outages likely as the tumultuous weather persists. Authorities are working diligently to restore power and ensure public safety, advising residents to stay informed and prepared for further developments.


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