Skeletal Remains in East Cork Linked to Quilligan Murder Case

Salim Ali
Published 1 month ago on 1 February, 2024
3 suspects linked to Kieran Quilligan murder after skeletal remains found in East Cork

In a significant development, 3 suspects linked to Kieran Quilligan murder after skeletal remains found in East Cork have been identified by Gardai. The case, which has seen considerable investigation following the disappearance of 47-year-old Quilligan, has taken a grim turn with the discovery of human remains believed to be his. The suspects are now at the center of a murder inquiry that has rattled the local community.

Key takeaways

  • Three suspects have been identified in the Kieran Quilligan murder case.
  • Skeletal remains found in East Cork are believed to be those of Quilligan.
  • Gardai are treating the case as a murder linked to drug debts.
  • Formal identification of the remains is pending DNA and dental records.
Gardai have identified three individuals suspected of involvement in the murder of Kieran Quilligan, whose remains were recently discovered in East Cork, marking a breakthrough in the case.

Investigation Leads to Identification of Suspects

The prolonged investigation into Quilligan’s disappearance has led detectives to pinpoint three suspects believed to be involved in his murder. The 47-year-old’s struggles with drug addiction are thought to have culminated in a deadly confrontation over debts. Gardai’s efforts have been focused on piecing together the final moments of Quilligan’s life, which they believe ended violently at the hands of these individuals.

Recovery of Remains Sheds Light on the Case

After a dog trained to locate human remains led officers to a gully, the discovery of skeletal remains provided a significant lead in the case. The location of the remains, some 30km from where Quilligan was last seen, has been critical in linking the 3 suspects to the Kieran Quilligan murder, as Gardai work to formally identify the body and proceed with the investigation.

Date of Disappearance Last Known Location Recovery of Remains Suspects Identified
September 1st Cork City Centre East Cork, near Whitegate Three individuals

The case involving 3 suspects linked to Kieran Quilligan murder after skeletal remains found in East Cork has taken a substantial step forward. With the recovery of remains and identification of suspects, Gardai are closer to uncovering the truth behind Quilligan’s tragic end. The community awaits justice as the investigation continues, and Gardai urge anyone with information to come forward.


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