Toddler Dies From Drowning in Pool, Inquest Reveals Cause.

Shireen Deeb
Published 2 weeks ago on 8 February, 2024
Dáithí O'Grady paddling pool death

In a heart-wrenching incident, 22-month-old Dáithí O’Grady was discovered face down in a paddling pool, leading to his tragic death from lack of oxygen, an inquest has heard. The toddler’s life was cut short following the accident in his family’s backyard in Tulsk, Co. Roscommon.

Key takeaways

  • 22-month-old Dáithí O’Grady died after a paddling pool accident.
  • The incident occurred at his home in Tulsk, Co. Roscommon.
  • An inquest heard he suffered fatal injuries due to oxygen deprivation.
  • Dáithí passed away three days after the tragic event.
Dáithí O’Grady paddling pool death, a 22-month-old toddler, tragically died after being found in a paddling pool, with the inquest revealing the cause of death as oxygen deprivation.

Dáithí O’Grady paddling pool death: tragic loss

The local community in Tulsk has been left devastated by the loss of young Dáithí O’Grady. The 22-month-old was found unresponsive in a shallow paddling pool at his home. Despite immediate medical attention and efforts to save him, Dáithí succumbed to his injuries at Children’s Health Ireland in Dublin.

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Investigation Reveals Cause of Death

During the inquest into Dáithí O’Grady’s death, it was disclosed that the toddler had been found face down in just three inches of water. The lack of oxygen ultimately led to his tragic passing, a stark reminder of the dangers that can be present even in the most benign settings.

Date of Incident Date of Death Location Cause of Death
June 7, 2021 June 10, 2021 Tulsk, Co. Roscommon Lack of Oxygen

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The untimely death of 22-month-old Dáithí O’Grady from Tulsk, Co. Roscommon, serves as a somber reminder of the fragility of life. The inquest’s findings that he died from a lack of oxygen after being found in a paddling pool has brought immense sorrow to the community and highlights the need for constant vigilance when it comes to child safety around water.


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